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  • Is your web development company going through a checklist before launching your new website?

     January 17, 2022

    T minus 5 seconds to Launch. In 5…4…3…2…1…we have liftoff.

    Now listen, launching a rocket into space might take a bit more calculations than launching a website, but it is still a tedious project that involves a lot of planning and preparation. Before launching your website, make sure your web development company is going through an extensive review and launch checklist to make sure when your new website goes live it goes off without a hitch.

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  • RSA's Keys to Success: Maintaining a Vibrant Office Culture

     January 12, 2022

    As a leading marketing agency in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, Robert Sharp & Associates has long held the belief that the success of our business cannot solely be measured by the money we make, and the large list of clients we serve, but rather by the quality of service and thought that our team provides those we work with every single day. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the unique office culture that reverberates through all reaches of our business. As we’re looking to grow our team and invest in talented individuals looking to pursue marketing careers, we’d like to take a look at this culture and the purpose it serves in empowering our team.

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  • Must watch videos produced by the RSA team in 2021

     January 4, 2022

    As we wrap up 2021 and head to the New Year, we often reflect on the year behind us. 2021 was a great year for the team at Robert Sharp & Associates. We worked hard all year to produce amazing strategies and content for a variety of different clients.

    In recent years, video content has become an increasingly popular way to share information about your products, services, and company values. Video content often sees higher engagement than regular static content, and the best thing about video is it can be repurposed in a variety of ways. One video can be aired on television, be posted on social media, used in video ads, as well as be embedded on your web page.

    With video becoming such a popular way of sharing information, the video production team at RSA worked hard in 2021 to produce some truly memorable website and social videos, television commercials, or educational videos for our clients.

    Here are some of our favorite videos the RSA team produced in 2021:

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  • The top 10 websites designed by RSA in 2021 that you need to see

     December 21, 2021

    They say the devil works hard, but the web development team at RSA works harder. Our team of professional web developers works diligently all year long developing stunning websites for a wide range of clients. From waste management to tourism, restaurants, and more, they really can do it all.

    Not only do our web developers have a knack for designing and programming, but they also understand marketing. They know how users navigate through a website and pay attention to all potential conversion funnels. 2021 has been an extremely busy year for our web team, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done.

    So, without further ado, here are the top 10 websites designed by RSA in 2021 that you need to see.

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  • The Best and Worst of Holiday Advertising

     December 8, 2021

    The holidays bring many things along with them, from trips to the winter market, spiced apple cider, time spent with family, visiting Santa, and much more. And of course, we can’t forget… the slew of holiday advertisements that bombard us on social media, YouTube, Hallmark movie commercials, and those plastered on every billboard.

    As marketers, we love this time of year because we get to create fun, festive ads for our clients to promote their holiday events and specials. But more than that, we love getting to examine the best (and even more fun) the worst holiday ads. In this blog, we are diving into the best and worst holiday advertisements. Viewer discretion advised.

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  • How Small Businesses Can Leverage User-Generated Content in 2022

     December 3, 2021

    Change is on the horizon in the ways consumers make informed purchasing decisions and develop affinity for the goods, services, and culture of businesses. With the rise in widespread use of popular platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, Twitch, and YouTube, the traditional role of marketers to convert consumers to customers has met its match: content creators. Here’s everything you need to know about capitalizing on the branding power of UGC, or user-generated content in the New Year.

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  • How to lose a client in 10 ways

     December 1, 2021

    At Robert Sharp & Associates we value superior customer service above all else. Of course, we care about providing our clients with stunning marketing materials and an impactful strategy, but we care more about building and maintaining relationships. Some of those relationships have lasted over 20 years due to the trust we have built.

    As a marketing agency, building impactful, long-term relationships is extremely important for not only your success but your reputation. Without a stellar reputation from your clients, it will be hard to gain traction with new clients.

    In this blog, RSA will give you the top don’ts of client relationships.

    This is how to lose a client in 10 ways.

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  • Key Takeaways from Hootsuite’s Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

     November 24, 2021

    As consumers, we’ve grown accustomed to looking forward to and eagerly anticipating the once yearly occasions that bring joy to our lives and fill our souls with knowledge and oh-so-sweet memories. For many, it’s the notification that your yearly Spotify Wrapped is ready, or the Super Bowl, Grammy’s or what have you, but for us social media marketers, we eagerly anticipate Hootsuite’s annual report on forthcoming social media marketing trends. To this effect, one can only imagine the excitement that filled the RSA conference room when our digital marketing and web development teams came together to reflect on the past year and look forward to another amazing year in 2022 alongside Hootsuite.

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  • Why Traditional and digital media are like Peanut Butter and Jelly

     November 12, 2021

    Yin and Yang. Chocolate and Peanut Butter. The Moonwalk and Michael Jackson. All these things are good on their own. But together, they become something even more amazing.

    Well, that’s how the marketers at RSA feel about a comprehensive marketing strategy combining digital and traditional media.

    As the world moves to a more digital world, we often see businesses turning to digital and social media marketing to help advertise. While there are many pros to digital marketing, traditional media still has a great impact and often helps build brand awareness and increase sales. But do you want to know what the best plan is? A comprehensive strategy that combines elements of traditional and digital media that work together to market your business on multiple channels.

    In this blog, RSA will dive into the importance of both digital and traditional media and how you can utilize them together to create an even more substantial marketing strategy.

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  • The Power of Reputation Management

     November 5, 2021

    When you are searching for a new restaurant to try or a new product to buy, what influences your decision? Is it the pictures on the website and the product descriptions? Or is it the reviews left by other customers who’ve tried the product?

    Most people would say the latter. Customer reviews are extremely impactful in the buying decisions of consumers. People are more apt to trust the words of other people in their position, than what they are hearing directly from a business.

    This is why putting and upholding a reputation management plan is extremely important.  Reputation Management is not only a way to improve your company’s public opinion, but it’s also a way to showcase that you care about your customers and their insight.

    In this blog, RSA will dive into the importance of Reputation Management and share some easy ways you can maintain a comprehensive Reputation Management plan.

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