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Photo of Robert Sharp

Robert Sharp, CEO and President

Robert is the man with his name on the door and he takes that very seriously. As the agency principal and CEO he has his hands (and heart) in everything that we do, but he will be the first to admit “creative director” is the title he likes best. With a mind for creative thinking and guerilla marketing tactics, Robert is known for going well beyond the zones of traditional and digital media to get your message across. He is known for empowering his staff to be even better than they thought possible and the results are award winning campaigns for our clients. No matter the size of your budget or the length of your project, you will get a phone call from Robert just to check in and see how well you’re being taken care of. THAT is what sets this agency apart from the rest!

Photo of Stacey Sharp

Stacey Sharp, Event Management and Agency Principal

Stacey has worked alongside Robert since the creation of Robert Sharp & Associates and is responsible for the account services team, empowering them with the elements needed to provide exceptional customer service. She ensures all clients receive the time and attention they deserve, and timelines and budgets are adhered to and accounted for. With a background in convention and party planning, Stacey incorporated her interests by adding an event management division to RSA. Stacey specializes in media relations, promotions and partnerships and has recently conducted workshops throughout the fair industry. A graduate of Black Hills State, Stacey was born and raised in South Dakota. She has served on numerous boards and lends her time and talents to many non-profits and community organizations.

Photo of Tony Dodd

Tony Dodd, Vice President & Director of Web Development

As Vice President of RSA, Tony is responsible for overseeing the digital marketing department and also serves as the Director of Web Development. With an extensive history in web development, digital marketing and graphic design, Tony was instrumental in developing the Web and Digital Marketing departments at RSA. His great eye for detail and an understanding of deadline-based projects helps the RSA ship run smooth and ensures all work coming out of our doors is what our clients want! Tony never stops learning and is constantly researching new design and digital trends. In an ever-changing industry, Tony understands the importance of attending marketing, design, and digital media conferences so RSA can stay on the leading edge. His leadership skills inspire us all to ensure our clients are satisfied with the work we do, and to not stop until its perfect!

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Account Services

Photo of Tracey Kennedy

Tracey Kennedy, Account Services Representative

Tracey brings a broad range of experience in customer service, sales, marketing, recruitment and human resources to her role in Business Development at RSA. She is responsible for building and maintaining a strategic partnership with clients by understanding their business, challenges and successes. Then, working with the expert team at RSA, Tracey will identify and provide innovative marketing solutions that work. Whether you’re looking to create a new marketing strategy or to improve upon the one you have, Tracey will work closely with you to deliver a full-service marketing plan that will get you the results you crave. Her go-getter attitude makes her the perfect fit for this role. Whether it be negotiating ad spend with local stations or scheduling and coordinating video shoots, Tracey won’t stop until the job’s done right!

Photo of Ian Sharp

Ian Sharp, Account Services Representative

Ian is responsible for new business development and account services at RSA. He serves as the direct link between the agency and the client, managing day-to-day affairs and ensuring client projects are on task, on time and on budget. Be it marketing plans, media placement, or creative concepts and execution, Ian approaches every aspect of customer service with a passion for detail with the highest expectation of customer service. Ian is always willing to lend a hand where needed whether that’s MC’ing events at the South Dakota State Fair, loading up the company car for a video shoot, or repainting the parking lot, Ian is our go-to guy!

Office Management

Photo of Dottie Frasier

Dottie Frasier, Business Manager

Dottie is responsible for all account receivables and payables for RSA. Her monthly invoices are clear and concise; and cross-checked with proposals to ensure accuracy. With a degree in business management and Associate's in accounting, Dottie has been in business management/accounting for over 25 years and brings professionalism to her position that is respected by both management and clients. Dottie’s attention to detail ensures nothing falls through the cracks and our entire team is grateful that she double, and triple checks. Her friendly demeanor is a breath of fresh air to our clients. Dottie works diligently to answer any billing-related questions in an easy-to-understand way. If your account requires co-op filing, affidavits or any special TLC, Dottie will customize and personalize your billing to accommodate the needs on your end.

Photo of Riley Ullrich

Riley Ullrich, Office Administrator

Riley is the first person you see when you walk through the doors of RSA. Her outgoing personality and desire to never stop learning makes her a great office manager for RSA. In addition to her friendly demeanor, Riley also has knowledge of the advertising and marketing world. She attended Black Hills State University and majored in business administration with a specialization in marketing. Through her courses she learned the importance of efficiently multi-tasking, a skill that comes in handy in her day-to-day duties. Through her schooling, she also learned the importance of being creative and thinking outside the box when brainstorming and providing clients with new ideas. Growing up playing sports, Riley understands the importance of a team effort and we are so excited to have her as part of ours!

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Digital Marketing

Photo of Kandi Cornford

Kandi Cornford, Digital Marketing Director

Kandi began with the account services team at RSA, but her knack and knowledge for social media has transitioned her to a major player in our digital marketing department. Kandi’s knowledge of all aspects of marketing allows her to create digital campaigns that work in tandem with traditional media to produce a positive, impactful return on investment. Kandi has achieved her Google Certification and is constantly learning and researching new changes to the digital marketing realm. Kandi works with many clients to develop and implement social campaigns to increase sales, build brand identity, advertise new products or services, and build top-of-mind-awareness.  With such a wide array of knowledge and a passion for online advertising, Kandi is a vital part of the RSA team.

Photo of Collin Kramer

Collin Kramer, Account Services Representative

The RSA team is proud to have Collin as a part of our account services/digital marketing team. Born and raised in Volga, South Dakota, Collin went on to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design from Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota. While at DWU, Collin was a member of the Dakota Wesleyan Men’s Basketball team. Collin has carried that team-effort and determination into his role at RSA. With his knowledge of graphic design, video production, and digital marketing, Collin is always stepping up to the plate to help out with whatever needs done. Collin deals with some of our largest clients at RSA and with his passion for creating top-of-the-line deliverables and a friendly demeanor, he’s the perfect guy for the job! When Collin is not working at RSA he loves to enjoy the outdoors. Some of his favorite activities are: Hiking, cliff jumping, snowboarding, traveling, and spending time with his friends.

Photo of Cassandra Ingalls

Cassandra Ingalls, Digital Marketing Strategist

Cassandra joined the RSA team to satisfy her constant desire for growth and is excited to be a part of a full service marketing firm that allows her to experience every aspect in marketing, from digital, web design, graphic design, and video creation, plus so much more; it checks all of her boxes. She is quick to seize every opportunity that crosses her path and help those around her. She loves networking and getting to know her clients, giving her the ability to quickly and deeply build an understanding of our clients and find ways to solve their challenges. Cassandra brings energetic and innovative approaches to this ever changing world and strives to create inclusion everywhere she goes. As a local Rapid City native and mother to three, you’ll find her adventuring through our beautiful Black Hills, hiking, kayaking, always stopping to smell the flowers and admire the beauty surrounding her. Additionally she loves teaching high energy fitness classes and enjoys performing in local cirque shows in her spare time.

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Graphic Design

Photo of Justin Mather

Justin Mather, Graphic Design Director

Every magazine ad, menu, logo, billboard or vehicle wrap designed at RSA is the responsibility of the art department, overseen by Justin. He’s spent over twenty years developing award-winning, effective advertising designs alongside Robert Sharp. In that time, the goal has never changed…ALWAYS EXCEED EXPECTATIONS. Justin works with a large and diverse client base and learns the ins and outs of your business in order to produce designs that are not only stunning, but tell your unique story. From concept to completion, Justin is with you every step of the way. Whether you have an idea that needs brought to life, or have no clue what you’re looking for, he’ll get it done. Justin graduated from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising. His work ethic and long hours in a computer lab at school transitioned nicely to an agency environment.

Photo of Reba Sabo

Reba Sabo, Graphic Designer

Reba joined the RSA team to fulfill her passion of creating award-winning, result-driven graphic design, and pours her positive attitude and eye for design into every project she does. “No” is not a word in Reba’s vocabulary and she is always willing to try new things to go above-and-beyond for our clients. Her calm demeanor and eye for design allows her to create stunning imagery on time. She routinely has clients calling her with last minute marketing materials and she never fails to get them done at the drop of a hat. Her design experience is a range of calculated visuals from logo creation to billboard design, and so much more! Reba obtained her Bachelor's of Science in Graphic Design from Full Sail University. During that time she gained extensive working knowledge of design programs that enable her to deliver outstanding creative to clients and their audiences.

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Audio/Video Production

Photo of Jason Ader

Jason Ader, Video Production Director

As part of the audio/video production team at RSA, Jason ensures that the video content that is made for our clients is of the highest quality. Video is all about telling a story and Jason has an innate ability to showcase what truly makes an organization unique. After growing up in Rapid City and graduating high school in Oregon, he went on to attend and graduate from Vancouver Film School in British Columbia, Canada. Jason’s skills behind a camera, and attention to detail, have led him to create some truly powerful video projects. From his anti-bullying and suicide prevention videos with the Rapid City Area School District, to TV spots for a wide variety of local business, Jason is able to grasp, capture, and produce quality work every time.

Photo of Joe Price

Joe Price, Video Production

Joe works on the audio/video production team for RSA, where he utilizes a wide set of skills and a passion for storytelling to help bring client ideas to life. Born in New Mexico and raised all over the U.S., Joe relocated to the Black Hills from St. Augustine, Florida, where he worked in video, audio & music production, video editing and graphic design. Alongside his career in media production, he has had a prolific side-career as a restaurant chef and private caterer. When not at work, Joe spends his time hiking and fly fishing, creating digital art and animation, listening to and producing trap music and cheering futilely for his beloved Texas Longhorns & Dallas Cowboys football teams.

Web Development

Photo of Thomas Gorder

Thomas Gorder, Web Developer, Programmer

Thomas's primary responsibility is to build websites that inform and persuade, but his calm and “can do” attitude makes him the go-to guy with customers for web updates, troubleshooting, and consulting. Thomas was a working musician for several years before joining RSA.  Music taught him creativity and dedication…both attributes the client benefits from when working with him. Thomas works diligently to understand the needs of clients so the websites he builds are not only appealing, but functional and an asset to each and every client. Thomas earned an Associate's Degree in Programming and Application Development from Western Dakota Tech with honors. In 2014 his design and programming for the Sioux Empire Fair won him a “best of” award at the International Association of Fairs and Expos annual convention in Las Vegas.

Photo of David Hubbard

David Hubbard, Web Developer, Programmer

David is responsible for developing websites at RSA, along with graphic design and account management. His background in project management enables him to manage large-scale websites on time and on budget, a skill he learned well as the Project Manager for the Minnesota Vikings website. David has years of experiencing developing websites and is always researching the newest trends in web design to ensure our clients’ needs are not only met, but exceeded. His calm demeanor is well-trusted with all our clients, who routinely call him for last minute updates or changes to their website. David is always willing to lend a hand or teach someone in the office a new feature of our Content Management System. In addition to all the amazing work he does for our clients, David works hard to promote RSA with his routine updates to our own websites, as well as our PageFramer site. Outside of work, David is a devoted member of our community having served on numerous boards and committees through the years, including the Dahl Fine Arts Center, American Advertising Federation of the Black Hills, and most recently helped establish the Veterans Honor Banner Project board.

Photo of Drew Jensen

Andrew Jensen, Web Developer, Programmer, Systems Administator

Drew is responsible for maintaining onsite and offsite servers, workstations and networks; among other duties that include programming desktop, mobile and web applications, developing websites and customer support. Drew has over twenty years of advertising, marketing and graphic design experience that started in newspaper journalism and has advanced into the fast-paced world of computer networking. If you have a vision for your website, Drew can make it happen. His vast knowledge of programming and computer technology has been an instrumental asset to the web development team at RSA. Drew played a large role in developing RSA’s customized, proprietary content management system PageFramer.

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Last But Not Least...

Photo of Liko

Liko, Director of Pawsitivity / Office Security

While Liko may be new to the world of marketing (and life in general), his upbeat demeanor and fervor to participate in any project our team takes on ensures marketing success through and through. Always ready to greet our clients and visitors at the door, Liko is certain to make a pawsitive impression of the spirit and morale of RSA. Bringing many strengths to his pawsition at RSA (other than sleeping on the job), Liko uses his cuteness in a way that nobody else can to capture, convince, and convert new clients.

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