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From concept creation and scriptwriting to production and post-editing, our video production team fuses our unique creative vision with state-of-the-art equipment to create visually appealing and effective video production for your business. Located in Rapid City, South Dakota we work on shoots across the Black Hills area and all throughout the state to capture the essence of your business and tell your unique story.  We’ve learned that we can be the most efficient if we spend adequate time planning for a shoot. Our planning involves developing the perfect storyboard, determining location and scenes, plus figuring out casting if necessary.

When it comes to the overall production, we’ve found that communication is the key. This allows us to shoot efficiently and effectively, no matter what the project entails. Ultimately, sticking to the budget and schedule of the shoot is our highest priority when we’re filming for your commercial.

For post-production, our philosophy is simple. A great commercial is all about consistent editing, effective polish, and a clear message. With the proper look and package, you can expertly capture your growing audience’s attention without too much extra convincing.

We can persuade your market with an effective television commercial or online ad that actually gets results. Whether you need a video project for a TV commercial, your social media platforms, or a digital ad, the video production team at RSA can work with you to create an impactful message guaranteed to capture your audience.  Check out some of our past commercials below to see how our video and audio production team can help your growing business today.

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