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Our job as your advertising and marketing agency is to ensure you get the right message to the right target demographic at the right time. Robert Sharp and Associates’ tested and proven marketing strategies provide clear direction as you consider the many choices for your message and its delivery. The value of RSA is the strategy, planning, execution, and experience in traditional media, digital strategies, direct to consumer components, out-of-home opportunities and guerilla marketing techniques.

At Robert Sharp and Associates, we think in fresh, unconventional ways when analyzing where people get their information and what creative content will speak to them. What do they already know? What misconceptions are out there? Who do they trust and what message will empower them to act? To accomplish this, we will begin with in-depth discovery meetings and research with each client. We want to know your priorities, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges so that we can become the experts in representing your product and services. Once we have a clear understanding of our mission, your goals, and who we are attempting to reach, we will go to work to create an impressive, appealing, and successful result-driven marketing campaign. All of which is under your watchful eye.

As a full-service advertising agency, pushing buttons that motivate users is what we do best and we’ve been doing it for a very long time.

Advertising has changed a lot over the years, and we are always learning and adapting to stay up to date with the latest marketing trends to ensure that we are presenting our clients with cutting edge strategies. As a full-service advertising agency, that means we can handle your whole campaign from print and television advertising to digital and social media marketing.

Through all of this, we have built trusted relationships with media in Rapid City, South Dakota and across the region. We can, and will, use these relationships, along with our knowledge and experience in the marketplace, to create successful marketing strategies with measurable results.

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