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With over thirty years in the business, RSA understands the importance of having a qualified team of skilled workers. But now more than ever, it can seem impossible to recruit right-fit employees to help your business thrive. That is where we come in. RSA has learned that when the search for qualified team members is so competitive, it is more important than ever to stand out.

What is the cost of stepping up your game and attracting qualified employees versus the cost of continuing to fail in your search?

  • Continued customer dissatisfaction?
  • Current employee burnout?
  • Turnover?
  • Or lost business due to lack of qualified staff?

It’s easy to see that there is a greater cost and a much greater liability in continuing to search for the wrong fit employees than it is to find the right fit employee.

Our Strategy For Reaching Right Fit Employees

One of the biggest hiring issues RSA sees is people trying to hire from the wrong pool of people who are underqualified or not motivated. Instead, direct your search to those who are “unhappily employed”.

There are many reasons why these qualified, right-fit employees may be unhappy at their current position. Whatever the reason, these people have real-job experience in your industry, meaning they are much more likely to get up to speed faster and put their talents into helping your company meet its goals sooner.

RSA knows the key to finding qualified, right-fit employees is to understand reasons why employees grow unhappy and to showcase what makes your organization, your culture and this opportunity extremely different than the one they currently have.

Our Messaging To The “Unhappily Employed”

Here are just a few examples of how we’re delivering the right fit employees for our clients now:

Case Study: Kieffer Sanitation

In October of 2021 RSA began a three-week ad campaign for Kieffer Sanitation, a local sanitation business looking for qualified employees. In the first three weeks of the campaign, website users increased by over 83% and website visits to the “careers” page exploded with an increase of over 1,400%. The average user spent nearly two minutes on the “careers” page.

The campaign was a huge success leading to an increase to site users, and page visits. But best of all, this campaign led to a direct increase in hiring the right fit people.

“The numbers don’t lie. We have seen increased candidate flow which has helped us get almost fully staffed. When we started this campaign we were short six people through the district and we have been able to reduce that deficit to 2.”

- Kieffer Sanitation

We’re ready to go to work for you!

With the right strategy and creative messaging, your business can reap the benefits of calling on a marketing agency to solve your hiring challenges and attract more best fit candidates.

RSA would love to share the case studies and proven strategies with you that will solve your employee challenges in today’s world.

Make your first informed hiring decision today by contacting the experts at RSA. We’re ready to go to work for you!

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