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It’s not just about graphic design, it’s about the message.

In today’s competitive market, advertising is everywhere and a simple design won’t cut it anymore. Good graphic design has a message that connects you to the consumer and entices them to interact. We design messages that make people look, remember, and act. No matter where your marketing budget is focused, whether it’s print, outdoor, or online, good graphic design can make the difference between a good campaign, and a flopped campaign.

It all starts with knowing your customer and creating a strategy. By combining our creativity with industry knowledge and experience, we can craft unique strategies and designs to visually motivate audiences and enhance your brand. Our graphic designers mix industry insight with creative ideas and stimulating graphics to create unique, effective visual representations of your brand strategy. We listen, we ask questions, we discover needs, and we define creative, effective solutions.

Our graphic designers are a creative crew, dedicated to creating the materials you need for an effective marketing campaign. From the first ideas to the finished product, RSA is here to make sure your marketing campaign succeeds. Our expertise includes;

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Graphic Design

  • Logos
  • Brand Guides
  • Business Cards, Envelopes, and Letterhead
  • Digital Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Rack Cards
  • Billboards
  • Packaging
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Banners and Posters
  • Media Kits
  • Presentation Folders
  • Catalogs
  • Annual Reports

Do you have a good logo?

Your logo is one of the most important parts of your business. It is your brand and the visual representation of the service you provide. This is not a step to overlook or cut corners on. A good professional logo easily identifies a business, can add credibility and build trust, visually communicates your brand, and will be remembered by your customers.

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Building your Brand

Good graphic design does more than just advertise your business, it tells your story. Creating and implementing a brand guide is a surefire way to make sure all marketing materials produced by or for your company align with the mission, values, and image you’ve created. A brand guide outlines all aspects of graphic design and creates a cohesive look for how you want your branding materials to appear. In a comprehensive brand guide, you will outline your brand overview, your logo, and how you’d like it to appear in marketing materials, an appropriate font style and sizing, color schemes, and more! With a well-developed brand guide, you can rest easy knowing any marketing materials you produce will have the look and feel you desire. At Robert Sharp & Associates, our talented team of graphic designers can work with you to gain insight about your company and layout a brand guide outlining all elements needed to elevate your brand!

To learn more about the importance of brand guides, check out our blog article.

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