Kick-start a Successful Career in Marketing with Western South Dakota’s Largest, and Most Established Marketing Agency

Long-lasting careers in marketing begin at Robert Sharp & Associates in Rapid City, South Dakota. Offering marketing internship opportunities for students in all realms of marketing, RSA fosters an environment of education, collaboration, and personal growth that is unparalleled.

Offering Advertising Internship Experiences in all Realms of Marketing

Founded on the values of providing lasting customer service and superior marketing services to those we serve, we offer our marketing interns the unprecedented opportunity to explore all realms of marketing including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Audio/Video Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Public Relations/Communications
  • Marketing Account Services
  • And More!

Why You Should Want to Intern with the team at Robert Sharp & Associates

Boasting a 30 year legacy in marketing excellence across South Dakota and the United States, Robert Sharp & Associates has developed the most prolific, and diverse collection of clients across all business sectors in Western South Dakota. What this means for you as a marketing intern is having access to real-world marketing applications across nearly any industry you can imagine, backed by the tried and true spirit of collaboration and support of the RSA team. Moreover, our flexibility to your busy schedule will enable you to make the most of your marketing internship, without hindering your studies.

Great careers in marketing don’t just begin at Robert Sharp & Associates, they bloom here, and provide our interns with the foundation of excellence needed to succeed in the professional world. Who knows, you may even land a job with our team once your advertising internship experience is complete. Really: The opportunities for professional growth are endless.

Not Your Ordinary Interning Experience

Our interns aren’t just coffee-fetchers. You’ll learn and practice advertising and marketing from local experts with experience and clients across the region and the nation.

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Additional Resources

Celebrating Perspectives: Reba Sabo

In the final installment of our “New Blood” series, Robert Sharp & Associates Graphic Designer Reba Sabo is on deck. The living definition of persistence, Reba’s graphic design skills paired with her unrelenting desire to complete projects to the acclaim of our clients is truly awe inspiring. An established team member in our office, Reba’s fresh perspective and drive makes her a master assassin capable of completing the most arduous tasks in record time. Intrigued? Keep on reading.

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Celebrating Perspectives: Tracey Kennedy

In the second installment of our “New Blood” series, Robert Sharp & Associates is pleased to kick up the heat a notch by showcasing the wide range of talents and perspective Account Services Representative Tracey Kennedy brings to our office.  Whether it’s her never-ending lineup of creative ideas or leading customer service skills, Tracey’s tenacity and wit allows our team to reach for the stars, with every new project she takes on.

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Women Business Leaders that Inpire Us

RSA works with a wide variety of businesses, large and small, across a wide variety of sectors – many of whom are led by talented women who get sh*t done! The hard work and dedication these women pour into growing their businesses and helping their communities inspires us on a daily basis.

This Women’s History Month we wanted to take some time to give praise to several of the many women business owners that inspire us. Without further ado, keep reading to check out RSA’s list of badass women we have the pleasure of working with.

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RSA's Keys to Success: Maintaining a Vibrant Office Culture

As a leading marketing agency in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, Robert Sharp & Associates has long held the belief that the success of our business cannot solely be measured by the money we make, and the large list of clients we serve, but rather by the quality of service and thought that our team provides those we work with every single day. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the unique office culture that reverberates through all reaches of our business. As we’re looking to grow our team and invest in talented individuals looking to pursue marketing careers, we’d like to take a look at this culture and the purpose it serves in empowering our team.

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Making a Kickass Splash with a Small Marketing Agency

Can you remember the time you landed your first whale? The client you never thought you’d get because your team was seemingly too small among big fish or the RFP you went for with hesitation because geographic isolation seemingly separates businesses in small towns from business in large cities? How did you feel? Why did you stand out as the right team to fit the bill of a new project?

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Fortifying Agency-Client Relationships: RSA and the City of Box Elder

As a small, locally-owned business ourselves, Robert Sharp & Associates understands the immense time that goes into planning and hosting a successful event. We work with clients all throughout the year to help plan events such as the Central States Fair, Heart Ball, The South Dakota State Fair, and most recently added to our roster Patriot Day.

At RSA, we want each and every one of our clients to be successful, and we go above and beyond to do everything in our power to make sure that happens. So, when RSA was approached by the City of Box Elder to sponsor their upcoming Patriot Day celebration, our CEO Robert Sharp had an idea. Instead of becoming a paid sponsor of their event, RSA decided that we would help them market Patriot Day to the public. Our agency has a long-term relationship with the City of Box Elder and has worked with them on many projects. To us, this was a way to not only help support a wonderful event, but also build an even stronger relationship with our client.

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Going The Extra Mile: None of us are as good as all of us

After 30 years in the marketing game, the folks here at Robert Sharp & Associates (RSA) have worked tirelessly to uphold and maintain the very principles we were founded on in 1989 to ensure our clients not only achieve their varied marketing objectives, but have room to grow beyond those objectives across often-oversaturated marketplaces. While decades of experience have helped us get a footing for the flair and tenacity needed to overcome the many challenges we and our clients face on a day-to-day basis, it’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two about the value of going above and beyond the call of duty to support our clients and see to it that they succeed.

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5 Benefits of an Internship at RSA

Robert Sharp and Associates Rapid City Marketing Internships

Attention: Great opportunity for those interested in graphic design, video production, digital marketing or business development and administration!

RSA is currently on the search for interns to work in our graphic design, video production, digital marketing and business development departments! We understand that taking the right internship is crucial, not only in kick-starting your career, but also in gaining the skills necessary for a successful professional life. We’re here to help the decision making process go a little smoother by laying out the reasons why an internship here at Robert Sharp and Associates (RSA) will prepare you for the ever-changing, diverse world of advertising and marketing, while providing you with a fun, enriching experience along the way.

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Be Mindful with Your Money: Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Selecting the best digital marketing agency to hire requires research and indepth analysis of your own business.

At last, all your hard work has paid off. Your latest product or service is complete and ready to be marketed to the world, or at very least, your target audience. But before you reach your moment of zen, you must consult the mighty oracle, Google, and find the people who will ensure your campaign launch is a massive success.

A quick search unveils an overwhelming number of digital marketing agencies willing to take your money, but what that search doesn’t reveal is which agency will give you the best value for that money.

But fear not, because with a little guided research and self-evaluation of your business, you will reach enlightenment, and the digital marketing agency your business should hire will reveal itself!

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Cutting Through the Digital Marketing Jargon: Terms to Ask Your Marketing Agency

Clicks. Impressions. Click-through-rate. Conversions. Chances are you’ve heard these terms thrown around under the umbrella of “digital marketing.”  To those in the industry, these terms are part of our everyday vocabulary.  With the majority of people switching from browsing the internet on a desktop or laptop to a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, digital marketing is quickly becoming the new normal….and there’s a reason why.  Digital marketing allows us to provide advertisements and content to high-interest users.  Not only can we use digital marketing to target a highly-defined demographic, we can do it at a relatively low price.

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