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  • What You Need to Know About Website Hosting

     January 20, 2023

    Choosing a hosting provider can be overwhelming. With so many hosting services to choose from it can be difficult to select a service that is right for your company.
    The main factors when considering website hosting should encompass the following factors:

    • Website Size
    • Database size
    • Visitor Bandwidth
    • Platform requirements

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  • Determining the overall health of your business website

     September 22, 2022

    Website Audit

    When most people hear the word audit they associate it with their taxes and a cold sweat begins to form on the back of their neck. However, the word audit literally means “to-examine” and there are many types of audits that aren’t nearly as nerve-wracking as a tax audit. In this blog, we will be discussing website audits, and how you can conduct your own website audit to determine the overall health of your business website.

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  • Build a New Website and They Won’t Come – Unless You’re Willing to Put in the Effort After It Launches

     September 1, 2022

    Are you one of the millions of people globally preparing to launch a website at this very moment with the hope that you’ll reach your customers and grow your business? Great! Get in line. With over 547,200 websites launching on a daily basis worldwide, you’ll quickly find that your new website is merely a grain of sand on its own in a sprawling desert. How on Earth can you expect your new website to rise to acclaim in a sea of billions of websites? While the answer to stand out can be quite complex, it’s as simple as implementing the right post-launch strategy to gain traffic traction.

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  • Content is King: Everything You Should Consider before Writing Content for Your New Website

     August 18, 2022

    The content writers at Robert Sharp & Associates have written countless websites over the last couple decades. Well-versed in the in’s and out’s of search engine optimization, the innate desire to convert customers, and the importance of developing sound content that resonates with your audience, we’re here to provide you with a starter’s guide to developing content for your business’ website.

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  • Cutting the Crap: An Explanation of Web Development Jargon

     March 31, 2022

    Of all the realms of marketing, website development is probably prone to the most techie jargon. In a way, coding is like its own language. However, your marketing agency should still try to explain steps and processes to you in a way that makes sense.

    In this blog, RSA will explain some of the most common words and phrases associated with website development. That way you can walk into your next meeting feeling confident and informed.

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  • Is your web development company going through a checklist before launching your new website?

     January 17, 2022

    T minus 5 seconds to Launch. In 5…4…3…2…1…we have liftoff.

    Now listen, launching a rocket into space might take a bit more calculations than launching a website, but it is still a tedious project that involves a lot of planning and preparation. Before launching your website, make sure your web development company is going through an extensive review and launch checklist to make sure when your new website goes live it goes off without a hitch.

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  • The top 10 websites designed by RSA in 2021 that you need to see

     December 21, 2021

    They say the devil works hard, but the web development team at RSA works harder. Our team of professional web developers works diligently all year long developing stunning websites for a wide range of clients. From waste management to tourism, restaurants, and more, they really can do it all.

    Not only do our web developers have a knack for designing and programming, but they also understand marketing. They know how users navigate through a website and pay attention to all potential conversion funnels. 2021 has been an extremely busy year for our web team, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done.

    So, without further ado, here are the top 10 websites designed by RSA in 2021 that you need to see.

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  • From Design to Sublime: The Value of Choosing a Marketing Agency with an In-House Content Management System to Build Your New Website

     October 22, 2021

    Have you ever broken your computer and needed to call tech support for help? Sure, you can easily find the number you need to call to get help, but once you do, more times than not you spend precious time waiting for the next available representative, only to be bounced to another department, and so on and so forth. By the time you get the help you need, you’re worn out and jaded from the lack of attention and support you received. The same principle can be applied to the quote unquote “custom website development” services many marketing agencies and firms offer today. Here at RSA, we’re devoted to being the defector of this principle.

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  • Why your business website is not generating leads and how to fix it

     July 14, 2021

    Is your business website bringing you business? Are you getting responses on your online forms or people providing you with their emails? If not, your website may be missing some key components that will generate leads.

    The point of creating a website for your business is to inform viewers about your products, services, and company values and ultimately convert viewers to customers.
    However, just getting someone to visit your website isn’t enough to convert them into a customer. You have to capture their attention, provide them positive user-experiences, and move them down the sales funnel.

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  • Why you should hire a professional web developer instead of doing it yourself

     July 6, 2021

    So you’ve started a small business, you picked out a name, logo, and the brand identity you want your business to portray. What’s the next step? Building a website, of course!

    A business website is an integral part of having success as a new business owner. It generates leads, improves your credibility, provides information about your business, and communicates your brand values.

    Most people look online for any information they need. We aren’t used to the days of picking up the phone and calling to inquire about a service. It is estimated that almost 90% of North Americans access and use the internet daily, meaning if you don’t have an online presence; you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with a large group of potential customers.

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  • Content Documents Are the Right Way to Send Your Website Content to a Designer

     April 12, 2021

    Follow these simple steps and create an organized content document so your web designer can easily build your website.

    The time has come to take your business online. You need a website to help people find you and help sell your product or service. You want a custom website, and you plan to hire a digital marketing agency to create one for you. That should be all you need to know, right? Well, not quite. For the agency to build your perfect website, you’ve got to transfer the information they’ll use to populate the website. Rather than sending dozens of emails or creating wonky layout mockups, skip the headache and forgotten details and prepare a thoroughly planned, beautifully organized content document. 

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  • Critical SEO Tips to Boost Your Organic Web Traffic in 2021

     December 17, 2020

    These critical SEO Tips from Robert Sharp and Associates will give you a boost in organic web traffic for 2021.

    Organic web traffic. Everybody wants it. No matter your business niche, there is nothing more desirable than a top spot in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs) for your juiciest keywords. According to a 2019 study by Backlinko, the top 3 Google search results get 75.1% of all clicks.

    So how do you claim one of these top spots (or ideally, THE top spot) for your chosen keyword(s)?

    Unfortunately there’s no magic bullet, but you can start making serious headway by following these critical SEO tips.

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  • 5 Effective Website Design Concepts to Help You Convert in 2021

     December 10, 2020

    Effective Web Design Concepts to Help You Convert in 2021

    In the constantly changing landscape of web design, one thing you can count on is concepts continuously evolving to improve the user experience. If you’re planning to build a new website or redesign your current one in 2021, you’re going to need to utilize the latest proven-effective methods in your design to cut through the noise. Check out these 5 effective website design concepts to stimulate your creativity in 2021 so you can capture, convince, and convert your audience.

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  • Mobile Responsive websites are about to get the nod from Google

     April 6, 2015

    In a digital world where everything changes faster than most humans can imagine, it is important as a business owner or manager to at least keep up with the ‘big stuff.’ We are talking about the stuff online that can have a large impact on your business, including being found on the web.

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