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  • How to lose a client in 10 ways

     December 1, 2021

    At Robert Sharp & Associates we value superior customer service above all else. Of course, we care about providing our clients with stunning marketing materials and an impactful strategy, but we care more about building and maintaining relationships. Some of those relationships have lasted over 20 years due to the trust we have built.

    As a marketing agency, building impactful, long-term relationships is extremely important for not only your success but your reputation. Without a stellar reputation from your clients, it will be hard to gain traction with new clients.

    In this blog, RSA will give you the top don’ts of client relationships.

    This is how to lose a client in 10 ways.

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  • The Power of Reputation Management

     November 5, 2021

    When you are searching for a new restaurant to try or a new product to buy, what influences your decision? Is it the pictures on the website and the product descriptions? Or is it the reviews left by other customers who’ve tried the product?

    Most people would say the latter. Customer reviews are extremely impactful in the buying decisions of consumers. People are more apt to trust the words of other people in their position, than what they are hearing directly from a business.

    This is why putting and upholding a reputation management plan is extremely important.  Reputation Management is not only a way to improve your company’s public opinion, but it’s also a way to showcase that you care about your customers and their insight.

    In this blog, RSA will dive into the importance of Reputation Management and share some easy ways you can maintain a comprehensive Reputation Management plan.

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  • How to Grow Your Business Through Reviews

     April 4, 2019

    You have probably heard about how critical reviews are in growing your business, but why are they so important and how can acquiring them be easily integrated into your marketing plan? There are numerous reasons why reviews are becoming increasingly more important, as well as simple ways you can drive more of your customer base into leaving them. Let’s start with why you should care about generating reviews for your company.

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  • How Online Reviews Benefit Your Business

     September 24, 2018

    Search Engine Reviews

    Amplify Your Brand’s Visibility
    Over the years, Google has developed a complex formula in determining which results will be shown in the over 3.5 billion searches that are conducted each day. One of the factors in the equation is online reviews, with 10% of the score attributed to the quantity and quality of reviews your business has obtained.

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