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  • The Evolution of Television Advertising

     November 1, 2022

    The RSA team is back with another marketing history lesson for you. Today, we are going to be diving into the history of television advertising. Most young people today probably don’t even have a cable box and get all their television from various streaming services. But, I bet if you asked your parents and grandparents they remember when televisions came out and started appearing in households all over the place!

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  • Dos and Donts of Marketing your Business during the Halloween and Fall season

     October 13, 2022

    We hear it’s screams and shrieks season; and with the season comes the opportunity to lean into all things spooky with your marketing. However, there is a fine line between just enough and overdoing it. The RSA Marketing team has put together a guide on what to do and what not to do when marketing your business during the Halloween and fall season.

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  • Determining the overall health of your business website

     September 22, 2022

    Website Audit

    When most people hear the word audit they associate it with their taxes and a cold sweat begins to form on the back of their neck. However, the word audit literally means “to-examine” and there are many types of audits that aren’t nearly as nerve-wracking as a tax audit. In this blog, we will be discussing website audits, and how you can conduct your own website audit to determine the overall health of your business website.

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  • Build a New Website and They Won’t Come – Unless You’re Willing to Put in the Effort After It Launches

     September 1, 2022

    Are you one of the millions of people globally preparing to launch a website at this very moment with the hope that you’ll reach your customers and grow your business? Great! Get in line. With over 547,200 websites launching on a daily basis worldwide, you’ll quickly find that your new website is merely a grain of sand on its own in a sprawling desert. How on Earth can you expect your new website to rise to acclaim in a sea of billions of websites? While the answer to stand out can be quite complex, it’s as simple as implementing the right post-launch strategy to gain traffic traction.

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  • The Top Five Questions You Should Be Asking Your Marketing Agency

     September 1, 2022

    Amid the ever-evolving marketing landscape, businesses continue to seek out marketing agencies to oversee the critical marketing services they need to successfully brand their business, reach their audience, and grow over time. With a reported 50% of businesses utilizing marketing agencies for their varied service expertise, the sheer amount of marketing agencies is as diverse as the services they provide. Robert Sharp & Associates has learned over time that not all marketing agencies are created equal, nor is the level of service they provide.

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  • Content is King: Everything You Should Consider before Writing Content for Your New Website

     August 18, 2022

    The content writers at Robert Sharp & Associates have written countless websites over the last couple decades. Well-versed in the in’s and out’s of search engine optimization, the innate desire to convert customers, and the importance of developing sound content that resonates with your audience, we’re here to provide you with a starter’s guide to developing content for your business’ website.

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  • Why Content Calendars are crucial to Social Media Success

     August 9, 2022

    Imagine trying to run a business without utilizing calendars to keep things organized. Would you be able to keep track of meetings and project deadlines without having them written down somewhere? The answer for most of us is probably not. So why should your business's social media be any different? If your current strategy is just posting whenever you remember to share something, odds are you are being consistent enough to make any real impact with your social media marketing. When it comes to social media, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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  • What is the difference between Sales and Marketing and how do they work together?

     July 28, 2022

    Just like all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon the same applies to the relationship between sales and marketing for your business. Not all your marketing for your business should be focused on sales, but all sales for your business are a form of marketing. Confused? Don’t worry.  In this blog, we will discuss why your marketing strategy shouldn’t be 100% sales-focused, but also dive into how marketing and sales can work together to help grow your business and attract new clients.

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  • Celebrating Perspectives: Reba Sabo

     July 11, 2022

    In the final installment of our “New Blood” series, Robert Sharp & Associates Graphic Designer Reba Sabo is on deck. The living definition of persistence, Reba’s graphic design skills paired with her unrelenting desire to complete projects to the acclaim of our clients is truly awe inspiring. An established team member in our office, Reba’s fresh perspective and drive makes her a master assassin capable of completing the most arduous tasks in record time. Intrigued? Keep on reading.

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  • Celebrating Perspectives: Tracey Kennedy

     June 27, 2022

    In the second installment of our “New Blood” series, Robert Sharp & Associates is pleased to kick up the heat a notch by showcasing the wide range of talents and perspective Account Services Representative Tracey Kennedy brings to our office.  Whether it’s her never-ending lineup of creative ideas or leading customer service skills, Tracey’s tenacity and wit allows our team to reach for the stars, with every new project she takes on.

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  • Cutting the Crap: Why understanding basic design terms will help your project run smoothly

     June 21, 2022

    Many people have a creative mind and a keen eye for design. However, it may be hard to articulate your thoughts without understanding some basic design terms. Learning the lingo of graphic design will not only help bring you up to speed but it will also help you accurately describe what you are looking for in a design project.

    The graphic designers at Robert Sharp & Associates have put together the following list of need-to-know terms and phrases related to graphic design. With these in your arsenal, you’ll be able to accurately communicate with your designer and ensure you both have an understanding of the goals for your end project.

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  • Why creating a shot list is imperative to creating a polished final video project

     May 31, 2022

    Whether you are working on a 30-second television commercial or creating a feature film, creating a shot list is a key component to making sure your shoot runs smoothly and you end up with a polished final project.

     This blog will teach you about the importance of a shot list and how you can create one for your next video project.

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  • Getting some Action: How to Prepare for a seamless video shoot

     May 9, 2022

    Robert Sharp & Associates has been in the video game since our humble beginnings over thirty years ago. Since we’ve been in business almost everything about the way we film and edit video has changed. From the cameras, we use to the editing software, audio capabilities, and more! In fact, we remember the days we had to record on tapes and reels instead of SD Cards! However, there is one thing that has always remained the same and that is how to successfully prepare and organize for a video shoot.

    Whether you work as a videographer for an agency or business or do freelance work, understanding how to effectively organize and prepare for a photo or video shoot is a must. Shoot days can have many moving parts including talent, weather, daylight, locations, etc. Failing to prepare for a video shoot and map things out ahead will lead to a stressful day and you may even risk not capturing all your necessary assets.

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  • How to grow your business's email list

     May 4, 2022

    Email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways to reach existing and new customers. One of the best things about email campaigns is that you are targeting someone who has already shown an interest in your business. For whatever reason they decided to give you their email, meaning they are interested in getting more information about your business or product.

    However, according to a study by MailChimp email blasts have an average open rate of only 22%. This means you not only have to work hard to make your emails unique and stand out, but you also must be constantly working to expand your email list. Think about it this way, the more people who receive your email, the better chance you have of someone resonating with the content. Below you will find five helpful tips for expanding your email list.

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  • Cutting the Crap: An Explanation of Web Development Jargon

     March 31, 2022

    Of all the realms of marketing, website development is probably prone to the most techie jargon. In a way, coding is like its own language. However, your marketing agency should still try to explain steps and processes to you in a way that makes sense.

    In this blog, RSA will explain some of the most common words and phrases associated with website development. That way you can walk into your next meeting feeling confident and informed.

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  • Cutting the Crap: Breaking Down Digital Marketing Jargon

     March 31, 2022

    There are few things in life more frustrating than going to the doctor and being bombarded by medical terms that you can’t comprehend. It can be discouraging to leave an appointment feeling like you didn’t get any answers simply because they weren’t explained in a way that makes sense to someone without an M.D. behind their name.

    It is very easy to spot when someone is coming at you with industry-specific jargon. However, when we are talking to someone about our own profession or work, it can be easy to slip into those habits. As marketers, it’s important that we speak to our clients in a way they can understand and comprehend.

    If you’ve ever left a marketing agency feeling like you had no idea what they said, have no fear! In this blog, RSA will break down typical digital marketing jargon to make sure you are in the know for your next meeting!

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  • Women Business Leaders that Inpire Us

     March 7, 2022

    RSA works with a wide variety of businesses, large and small, across a wide variety of sectors – many of whom are led by talented women who get sh*t done! The hard work and dedication these women pour into growing their businesses and helping their communities inspires us on a daily basis.

    This Women’s History Month we wanted to take some time to give praise to several of the many women business owners that inspire us. Without further ado, keep reading to check out RSA’s list of badass women we have the pleasure of working with.

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  • Marketing Strategy Spring Cleaning: Four Quick Fixes to Help Your Strategy Bloom

     February 28, 2022

    Winter is winding down, warmer days are on the way, and we can’t help but wonder: is your 2022 marketing strategy working? Like New Year’s Resolutions, marketing strategies can be easy to follow for a while, but oftentimes we find ourselves reverting back to the way things were before. To help you keep your sights on the prize of accomplishing your 2022 marketing objectives, we’re here to share four quick fixes to turn your strategy showers into marketing power!

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  • How to up your video game with branded b-roll

     February 22, 2022

    In our last blog article, we discussed how relying too heavily on stock footage in your video projects can lead to a disconnect and even possible disappointment from your viewers.

    Today, consumer habits are driven heavily by how much trust they have in a particular company or business. One great way to build trust with your consumers is by showcasing your company culture.

    Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to showcase company culture because it allows you to give a real-life view into your business, its people, and what you stand for.

    The best way to provide a glimpse into your company culture is through the use of branded b-roll. In this blog, RSA will discuss the different types of b-roll and how you can capture your own b-roll footage for your business or organization.

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  • How to know if you’ve fallen victim to Stock Footage Syndrome

     February 22, 2022

    Have you ever watched a video advertising a resort or hotel that looks peaceful and luxurious? Only to arrive and find that your dream getaway is not even close to five stars? Or maybe you watched a video for a company you considered joining full of happy faces laughing in a bright, cheery office. Then you go in for your interview and the office is full of tired-looking faces in a sea of beige? You, my friend, have fallen victim to Stock Footage Syndrome

    Stock Footage Syndrome is what happens when companies use stock footage that is not realistic or accurate of their brand. This leads to customers and clients having unrealistic expectations only to be disappointed when they see the truth.

    Stock Footage Syndrome can affect businesses of all sectors and across all industries. From retail, hospitality, restaurants, and more, stock footage used incorrectly can paint an unrealistic view of who you are and what you do.

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  • Brand Marketing: The Cupid’s Arrow of Valentine’s Day

     February 14, 2022

    Valentine’s Day is a holiday with many mixed thoughts and emotions swirling around it. Many love the holiday and use it as an excuse to spend time with the ones they love and show them appreciation. For someone recently going through a breakup, the holiday may be a painful reminder of the one that got away. And for others, they could care less about the meaning of the holiday but are just excited for the discounted candy and flowers the day after.

    Whatever your feelings may be about this controversial holiday, one thing is for sure: Valentine’s Day has drastically evolved from its humble beginnings. But how did this holiday go from an ancient Roman festival to a holiday filled with love, expectations, and lavish gifts?

    We’ll tell you how… marketing. In this blog, RSA will examine the beginning of Valentine’s Day and how marketing has morphed it into a day the average person spends $165 on.

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  • Four Reasons Why You Should Enlist a Marketing Agency for Marketing Training

     February 10, 2022

    Whether you’ve got a sound marketing strategy already in place or are looking for ways to create the right marketing strategy, we’re here to share the top four reasons why you should consider marketing training for your business.

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  • Is Your Audience Content with Your Content Marketing Strategy?

     February 9, 2022

    It’s widely known that we consume more media content than ever before. From the YouTubers we keep up with religiously to the bloggers who keep us on our toes with the latest tips for skincare routines, mixed media content marketing has become more personalized and niche than we could have ever imagined. It’s in this light that businesses across all sectors are as ambitious as ever to produce content in its various forms to create conversion value for their products and service offerings. However, more times than not, businesses fail to strike an adequate balance between subject matter and applicability to their audience’s real-time needs. To this effect, the content marketing professionals at Robert Sharp & Associates are here to shed light on how your current content strategy may be missing the mark.

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  • What is Font Psychology and how should you use it to your advantage?

     February 7, 2022

    When it comes to designing anything for your business whether it be flyers, banners, email campaigns, business cards, or your logo, there are many important aspects to consider. Most of us have heard of color psychology which is essentially the emotional effect certain hues and colors have on people. Or, the emotion certain colors invoke.

    In addition to color psychology, another important aspect to consider is your typeface. While fonts may seem like a dry subject, the font you use may be saying much more about you than you anticipated.

    In fact, in addition to color psychology, designers around the globe have coined the term font psychology to show the importance of typography in branding.

    In this blog, RSA will break down the meaning of font psychology and examine what different types of fonts say about your organization.

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  • Every Great SEO Strategy Starts With Keyword Planning: Tips from SEO Experts

     January 28, 2022

    It’s known far and wide that content serves an integral role in the better performance of your business’ website. With billions of webpages being indexed every single day by Google, the ongoing competition for organic search engine performance is fierce. Whether you’re looking to craft an entirely new website for your business or simply are looking to give your organic search rankings a boost, we’re here to tell you why Keyword Planning is the most essential component in developing a fluid content development strategy – as told by SEO experts here at Robert Sharp & Associates in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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