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Posts for April 2021

  • Google Analytics: What Is It and Why Should You be Using It?

     April 26, 2021

    Google Analytics is a free easy-to-use software that allows you to track how your site is preforming online

    By now everyone and their dog has heard of Google, and probably utilize it daily. On the other hand, the phrase “analytics” might send many running for the hills. But not to worry, Google Analytics is a free, easy-to- use data organization system that allows companies and business owners to track how their site is performing online. And if you, or the company you work for, have a website you should be using Google Analytics.

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  • Content Documents Are the Right Way to Send Your Website Content to a Designer

     April 12, 2021

    Follow these simple steps and create an organized content document so your web designer can easily build your website.

    The time has come to take your business online. You need a website to help people find you and help sell your product or service. You want a custom website, and you plan to hire a digital marketing agency to create one for you. That should be all you need to know, right? Well, not quite. For the agency to build your perfect website, you’ve got to transfer the information they’ll use to populate the website. Rather than sending dozens of emails or creating wonky layout mockups, skip the headache and forgotten details and prepare a thoroughly planned, beautifully organized content document. 

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