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WordPress now powers 25% of the web

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… but it is definitely the wrong choice for your business website.

WordPress is by far the most popular website platform available, now powering one in every four websites. The reasons for this popularity are easy to see, WordPress is easy to install, easy to use, and is perceived to be low cost. It is also easy to make your website look how you want with one of thousands of available themes or add the functionality you need with a mix of the 40,000+ available plugins.

This popularity comes with a very real cost, according to the WPScan Vulnerability Database there were 25 serious security holes fixed in WordPress plugins last month. That’s 25 different ways an attacker could break into your website last month alone, and those are just the security holes we know about! Hackers break into websites for many reasons, those we hear about in the news such as identity theft or stolen credit card information are actually among the least common. Oftentimes, websites are compromised to redirect visitors to a different site, perhaps selling illegal or counterfeit goods. Also very common is website defacement, a hacker will add his name or other “graffiti” to your website, like a vandal would to a train car or the underside of a bridge.

Even a simple website, the main purpose of which is to let a small business customers find their address, hours, and phone number is subject to attack. Properly securing a WordPress site requires auditing the source code of the theme as well as all of the plugins, taking a large number of preventative actions, constantly monitoring the site, theme, and plugins for reported vulnerabilities and constantly monitoring the website for intrusions from unknown or unreported vulnerabilities. RSA is proud to employ some of the best web security experts in the region. If you already have a WordPress site we can help you harden it against intrusion. 

The web team at Robert Sharp & Associates builds more than fifty websites per year, and strives to build those sites in a way that they will be not only be money well spent, but also hassle-free. This approach has required the web developers at RSA to be proactive in our selection of tools and technologies, after all, our clients reputations are at stake. As part of this approach, RSA works in conjunction with the PageFramer team on the PageFramer CMS, a web platform with a feature set similar to WordPress but built and maintained with an eye toward security.

Contact RSA today to get help with your existing website, or to get started on a new one.

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