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Why you should not sleep on traditional media

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In a world where we are constantly being bombarded by information overload it can be difficult to determine which channels will be the most effective in delivering your marketing message to the right audience. With technology interweaving itself in every fiber of our lives, it can sometimes feel like digital marketing is the only way to get our message across. Think again!

We’re here to ensure you that a comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing strategy is still the most effective way to reach your target audience. Here’s why:

At-a-glance, Digital marketing is indeed a great avenue to reach your target audience, with an ever-growing toolkit of targeting resources, and means to track the direct effects of our varied efforts. You can easily target unique individuals with tailored messaging in an instant. However, we often find that pinpointed targeting may not simply be enough, opting to integrate elements of traditional marketing into nearly every single one of our clients’ marketing strategies.

Despite the ongoing assumption that traditional marketing aspects like print or radio are a dying breed, our clients enjoy many benefits of the traditional advertising we provide them. Here are some of the top reasons why traditional advertising may benefit you and your business.

It is cost-effective    

With so many brands and industries utilizing digital marketing to connect with their audience, the online business landscape has become saturated. Due to this, it can be difficult to rise above the rest and really stand out, not to mention it can be costly. For example, to place an ad on Google you have to place a bid. This bid represents how much money you are willing to spend for a click on your ad. However, this bidding works much like an auction: the more you’re willing to spend, the higher rankings you’ll receive. With multi-billion dollar companies competing for these top spots, it can be hard for small, local businesses to make much of an impact without breaking the bank.

Traditional marketing on the other hand offers more flexibility. Flyers, business cards, banners, TV spots, and more, can be created with a budget you’re comfortable with and still reach a broad audience.

Oftentimes, it’s more memorable

As mentioned, the digital landscape is extremely saturated and internet users are constantly seeing ads as they surf the web. Whereas digital marketing can easily avoided with ad-blockers, the ability to skip video ads, or simply scroll past on your timeline, traditional advertising retains an element of star quality, by and large, that is hard to miss. It’s the flashy TV commercial with visual elements that you can’t look away from. It’s the catchy jingle you heard on the radio while grocery shopping that you can’t quite get to leave your head. It’s even the eye-catching billboard on your way to work that makes you smile every time you see it. These qualities make a definite impression on our minds and engage our senses in ways that static digital ads can’t easily match. In fact, multiple studies have shown that hard copy marketing is easier for audiences to recall and process because it is more familiar to us.

It helps build brand awareness

Most digital ads we see online are promoting a service or a product. While these ads are effective in getting us to purchase said product or service, they aren’t giving us a look into a company’s brand. It is fact that people are more apt to buy from brands they trust. So how do you build that trust?

Utilizing various methods of traditional marketing is a great way to raise brand awareness by reaching out to a wider audience of people. Traditional marketing allows you to tell your story and showcase what makes you special. Think of how many times you see a commercial for a well-known company and nothing in it involves any sort of selling proposition. These brands are telling you a story to increase their brand awareness and showcase their company values. Pair these efforts with a strong digital marketing campaign and you’re sure to convert!

More exposure

While digital marketing is useful in the fact that it lets you target a specific demographic of people, traditional marketing is much broader. While it’s important to target those you think would be most interested in your product, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. Although we often hear that everyone is online, the fact of the matter is that not everyone truly is. Some people don’t have access to technology, some may have access but aren’t particularly tech-savvy, and some simply prefer to stay offline. Traditional media, on the other hand, allows you to expand your reach to a much wider array of people with different demographics. Thus allowing you to connect with potential customers you didn’t even know you had.

Traditional Marketing is Sustainable

To create an effective digital marketing strategy, you need to provide an ongoing stream of content to retain the attention of your viewers. Simply put, many companies don’t have the time or resources to devote towards adequately maintaining and refreshing their work.

Traditional methods of marketing leave a longer impression on your audience and don’t have to be constantly updated to stay “fresh” or “relevant”. It’s far more tangible! An ad in the newspaper doesn’t go away until it’s thrown away, and a billboard can run as long as you’d like. Talk about potential longevity!

Teamwork makes the dream work

While both digital and traditional marketing have their list of pros and cons, the most effective way to market your company is by crafting a comprehensive marketing strategy that marries both types. Like Yin and Yang, digital and traditional marketing can work together to achieve the greatest brand recognition possible.

For example, creating a call-to-action in your traditional marketing is a great way to get your traditional strategy working together with your digital strategy. Encouraging viewers to visit your website or follow you on social media is a great way to incorporate the two mediums into one successful campaign.

There are a lot of individual factors to consider, and, depending on your unique audience, goals, and marketing budget, one type may be better suited for your business model. But, a combination of the two can create a harmonious union that broadens the reach of your message and increases your brand recognition.

At Robert Sharp & Associates we have dedicated team members who work with one another to develop impeccable integrated market strategies that are certain to convert. Give us a call today at 605-341-5226 to see how we can create a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s sure to guarantee results.

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