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The Importance of Storytelling in your Commercial or Marketing Video

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The most significant difference between marketing 20 years ago and today is that you can't just tell a customer to buy your product. Customers today need to be persuaded and convinced. This is due to the fact that numerous businesses are competing for customers worldwide to purchase the same item or idea. Consumers are more likely to respond to advertisements or commercials that use pathos, one of the modes of persuasion. Pathos uses an emotional appeal to the audience and brings out those feelings that they already have.

Today, the most important thing you can do is connect emotionally with potential customers, and video marketing is the best way to do this visually. Advertising campaigns that have a high success rate all have one thing in common: They use humor, sadness, or something transformative to inspire an emotion. The stories told in these ads have a clear construction of what they’re selling without it sounding like a sales pitch. We will talk about the 3 things to think about when writing a commercial or advertisement in this blog.

1. Stories help people build an internal connection to your business

This really isn't a new development in the marketing industry Since people have been able to talk to each other, telling stories has been a big part of how we get along with each other. By shortening stories into 30 or 60-second windows, you can better get people to pay attention and invest in your brand in advertising. You will be able to attract the individual's interest and get their attention by doing this.

2. Storytelling is delicate

It is true that the structure of a commercial aims to sell something, but people dislike receiving sales pitches. In advertisements that are written in the style of a story, rather than being repeatedly sold to, people are able to pick up the message on their own and read between the lines. This is much more effective because it gives the impression that the viewer is interacting with your brand rather than being pressured to buy.

3. Present, not pitch 

This is one of the most crucial advertising rules. You can talk about how great your business and products are as much as you want, but showing what your brand does for people will always be more effective. This has to do with the subtle storytelling that is used in advertisements. The best way to engage your audience in your content, no matter what it is, is to show rather than tell. Rather than listing features or telling the audience on what to think or do, visuals or descriptions help instill the idea in the minds of the audience.

Our video and audio team at RSA can assist you in writing your script, creating a shot list, securing talent, shooting footage, and editing it all together to produce a stunning final product that conveys your essence, reaches your audience, and tells your story! To get an idea of how we can help your business, give us a call at 605-341-5226 or look at some of our previous commercials on our website.

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