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Marketing Strategy Spring Cleaning: Four Quick Fixes to Help Your Strategy Bloom

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Winter is winding down, warmer days are on the way, and we can’t help but wonder: is your 2022 marketing strategy working? Like New Year’s Resolutions, marketing strategies can be easy to follow for a while, but oftentimes we find ourselves reverting back to the way things were before. To help you keep your sights on the prize of accomplishing your 2022 marketing objectives, we’re here to share four quick fixes to turn your strategy showers into marketing power!

Clean up your marketing objectives checklist for the year:

It can be easy to vision-cast a brilliant year ahead of us as we’re planning our yearly marketing strategies, but many fail to realize that the implementation of strategy changes may not be immediate, and may be swayed by changes in sales and revenue. Now three months into the year, you should have a bit of an idea of how the year is shaping up to be. In fact, your marketing objectives may have already changed! Take note of your marketing objectives where you stand, and see how your current marketing strategy enables your business to strategically achieve them.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off:”

While these wise words were spoken by the fashion maven Coco Chanel way back when, the sentiment still rings true in assessing your marketing strategy. It’s better to be really great at a few things than to half-ass several components of a marketing strategy. When in doubt, stick to what you do best and build upon your past successes. If your business has developed a devout following via print media, continue to build upon that audience rather than shifting your focus to digital. You know yourself and your customer’s best – make sure your marketing objectives align with your shared needs.

Take a step back, assess, then adjust:

We’ve all had our heads in the clouds at one time or another, trying new things with our marketing strategies and feeling accomplished for simply doing them – but are they helping your business? It’s fantastic to try new things with your marketing strategy, but it can be easy to forget to check on whether they’re making a difference. Sure, your new Google campaign is netting hundreds of thousands of impressions, but are those impressions creating conversions for your business? If not, you’ve got a problem. It’s important to always measure the results of your efforts against your desired outcomes. If components of your strategy are failing to yield the results you want, assess and adjust as needed. By routinely monitoring the ongoing performance of your marketing strategy against the performance of your business, you’ll find new, innovative ways to optimize or forgo strategy components that aren’t working.

When in doubt, ask for help:

As marketers, we’re accustomed to that familiar feeling of drowning many businesses feel when they’ve overspread themselves across their marketing strategy. We’ve seen the reward businesses experience time and time again in simply relinquishing time-intensive, day-to-day marketing tasks. Whether it’s posting to social media or keeping up with your latest reviews, it’s important to know what you have time for and what you don’t. If there’s anything you can’t do, it never hurts to ask for help. Be it assigning some of the smaller tasks to your cohorts or enlisting in a marketing agency for help, you’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders by simply letting someone else help. What’s more, with less on your plate, you’ll be able to better focus on the things that you do best – creating a win-win for you and your marketing strategy.

With the right amount of fertilizer and water spread on your marketing strategy, your hard work will bloom into a rose garden of reward in no time. Don’t delay – start spring cleaning your marketing strategy today!

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