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Rebranding: It is more than changing your name and logo

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In the dynamic landscape of business and identity, the concept of rebranding goes far beyond the change of a company's name and logo. It involves a strategic and universal transformation that coincides with the core values, messaging, and overall perception of a company’s brand. We’re going to explain the comprehensive scope of corporate redefinition, exploring the tricky process of reshaping not just the visual aspects but also the core of a brand. Join us as we dive into the complexities of rebranding, where improvement meets identity, and discover the important impact it can have on businesses navigating the always changing market.

It takes a village

When it comes to rebranding your already established company, changing how your customers and employees perceive it can be somewhat challenging. Rebranding doesn't happen overnight, and it goes beyond simply changing your name and logo; it also involves customers who work within your company. This implies that everyone in your company must be involved, not just a single department but all of them. This includes departments in marketing, advertising, customer service, operations, accounting, and any other departments within your company. Ultimately, your brand needs to be the sum total of the customer experience.

Customer perception time

You may be able to turn around your company's brand identity and customer experience fairly quickly, as that process is usually easier. Regardless of the time it takes, once you have engaged everyone in the rebranding process and implemented the changes, the aspect that will consume the most time is your customers' recognition of your company. One thing we've learned over time is that customers tend to become comfortable with certain brands.

Don't assume that having regular customers with the original brand guarantees their loyalty after the company's rebranding. With the rebranding of your business comes a transformation in how you appear to customers, and some may choose to switch allegiances because they were initially content with the familiarity of your previous brand. Customers generally resist change, so it might take them much longer to readjust to your company.

Consider Target, a company that was initially viewed as a discount retailer like Walmart or K-Mart. However, Target changed by entering into exclusive agreements with popular designers and offering affordable versions of designer clothing. But it still took several years for Target's brand image to evolve.

Rebrands require different marketing strategies, but not too different

Say you wish to add a new demographic or tap into a different market as part of your business's rebrand, aiming to expand your services or offerings. Expanding your product or service line will require adjusting your marketing strategies to align cohesively with the rebrand. However, it's crucial not do a complete 180-degree shift in your strategy, as this might result in your target demographic or customers no longer understanding what your business offers. 

Another consideration in avoiding a drastic shift during rebranding is the extent to which you alter your company's name. Often, potential customers discover your business by searching for your name on a search engine. Completely changing your brand name could lead to a significant loss of organic traffic from potential customers.

Consider Dunkin, formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts. Although the name change wasn't drastic, they kept the same color scheme and opted for a slightly more rounded font type. While these changes may appear minor, it symbolized a shift towards simplicity. As a result, ‘Dunkin’ stands out as a more daring and impactful name that matches their already vibrant and colorful branding.

If you’re considering a rebrand for your company, Robert Sharp & Associates is here to assist you! For detailed examples into our work and how we can support your rebranding efforts, feel free to explore our portfolio showcasing the recent rebrand we did for Complete Health, formerly known as Community Health Center of the Black Hills. Give us a call today, 605-341-5226. https://www.robertsharpassociates.com/portfolio/graphic-design/

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