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Is Your Audience Content with Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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It’s widely known that we consume more media content than ever before. From the YouTubers we keep up with religiously to the bloggers who keep us on our toes with the latest tips for skincare routines, mixed media content marketing has become more personalized and niche than we could have ever imagined. It’s in this light that businesses across all sectors are as ambitious as ever to produce content in its various forms to create conversion value for their products and service offerings. However, more times than not, businesses fail to strike an adequate balance between subject matter and applicability to their audience’s real-time needs. To this effect, the content marketing professionals at Robert Sharp & Associates are here to shed light on how your current content strategy may be missing the mark.

Is Your Content Strategy Aligned with Your Brand’s Mission and Strategic Objectives?

Regularly creating content for your business can provide SEO value to your website, as well as create credibility on social media platforms. However, it can be detrimental to your business to produce content that deters from your branding and strategic marketing objectives.

Take Pepsi’s infamous social justice campaign that went viral a few years back for completely missing the mark in its delivery. In a time where social justice activism continues to become more prominent, Pepsi seemingly looked to wedge their way into the conversation, creating a commercial to insinuate that their products could alleviate social unrest. However unsavory as this marketing message may have been, Pepsi’s attempt to stand out as leaders in social change completely missed the mark and severely weakened their credibility.

Long story short: Do what you do best and ensure that the content you are creating is within your wheelhouse of conversation and in line with the greater interests of your brand, otherwise, you may look inauthentic or cast a misaligned view of what you do best.

Are You Reaching Your Customers in the Right Places?

As marketing professionals, Robert Sharp & Associates serves clients across nearly any industry you can think of (no seriously, we do). In creating effective marketing strategies for over three decades, we’ve seen the meteoric rise and fall of social media platforms, and the overwhelming adoption of new practices by businesses eager to hop on social media bandwagons. Like any trend we try to hop on, it’s clear that some people/businesses get it right and many get it wrong.

When you’re looking to diversify and strengthen your content marketing strategy, it is important to weigh and assess the channels you're creating content for. Do you manage a Facebook page? Twitter page? Instagram page? LinkedIn page? An online blog? Whatever channels you create content for, it’s important to have a clear understanding of where your audience is and what matters to them. If you know your audience doesn’t use Twitter or Instagram, should you really be investing your creative juices into creating content on these two channels? Moreover, are you investing your time and energy into the channels you know they use?

We’ve seen it time and time again where businesses have sensory overload when it comes to where they spread content to. More times than not, they excel on one platform, and simply coast on the others. If you’re sending content out into the ether with little to no return on conversion value from your audience, you should consider taking the “L” and focusing on the channels that work best to create timely conversions for your business.

Are You Putting Enough Care into Your Content Writing?

Your brand’s credibility can be severely damaged in an instant if you publish or promote content that contains spelling errors or misuses punctuation. Just think, you can probably remember a time (or 50) where you saw a sign or commercial that had something misspelled in it. What did that make you think of the brand or business? Did it lessen their credibility in your mind? If so, one can easily see why taking expert care of reviewing the content you produce is important. Misspelling a single word can completely alter the meaning of your messaging, and even create trouble in some cases.

An Example of Just How Prominent Spelling Errors in Marketing Can Be

 Here at RSA, we believe that no content is ready for publishing until it has been reviewed by multiple individuals. You can easily miss simple errors in your own writing without batting an eye. With the help of trained reviewers, you can guarantee your content contains the best grammar and punctuation possible. If all else fails and you aren’t able to have someone review your content, check out a free service like Grammarly. Whether you’re curating a social media post or writing a page of website content, you should devote the same level of care to your writing as you hope your audience would care for your messaging.

Great Marketing Services, Great Content Marketing Strategies: Robert Sharp & Associates

Robert Sharp & Associates is more than qualified to help you improve your brand’s content marketing strategy. From drafting social media content to writing monthly blogs and website content, our Digital Marketing experts are well-versed on content best practices that are certain to create a meaningful, lasting impression on your target audience. To see the difference a full-service marketing agency can make for your content marketing strategy, give us a call today at 605-341-5226 or peruse our digital marketing portfolio!


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