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Google Analytics: What Is It and Why Should You be Using It?

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Google Analytics is a free easy-to-use software that allows you to track how your site is preforming online

By now everyone and their dog has heard of Google, and probably utilize it daily. On the other hand, the phrase “analytics” might send many running for the hills. But not to worry, Google Analytics is a free, easy-to- use data organization system that allows companies and business owners to track how their site is performing online. And if you, or the company you work for, have a website you should be using Google Analytics.

What is it?

Google Analytics is an online interface that tracks and organizes your site’s traffic and showcases how your audience is interacting with your site. Using charts, tables, and graphs, Google Analytics allows you to compare information to help you better understand the behavior of your site visitors.

Google Analytics presents date in charts, tables, and graphs making it easy to interpret the data.

Why is it Useful?

Google Analytics allows you to visualize the traffic on your website. How many people are visiting your site? Where are they coming from? What are they doing while on your site? Google Analytics can answer all these questions and more!

Analytics also allows users to optimize their reports, only showcasing the information that is vital to your business needs. This could be anything from site users, bounce rate, site traffic, or user demographics.

  • This information highlights who is visiting your site, including their age, gender and location.
  • It allows you to understand where your audience is coming from, be it social media platforms, direct internet searches, or organic ranking.
  • It showcases what pages on your site are or aren’t appealing to your audience.

Understanding your user demographics can help you target your messages to the right people. For example, if you are targeting a younger audience, you may utilize different design features, than you would if targeting an audience of adults 60 years and up. Knowing your user demographics may encourage you to change your marketing strategy to meet the needs and wants of your target audience.

Google Analytics can help you identify your target demographic, and where they are coming from.

Why should I use it?

Understanding who is utilizing your site and how they are utilizing it can help you make decisions that will enhance their user experience. By tracking your website data you can determine what marketing tactics are increasing your web traffic and what tactics are harming your website’s performance.

Designing and creating a website is essentially pointless if you have no insight into how that website is performing. The insight provided by Google Analytics can help you identify any issues your site is having, and come up with a plan to fix those issues. Using Google Analytics effectively gives you the insight and tools needed to make sure your website is performing to the best of its ability.

As a digital marketing agency, Robert Sharp and Associates monitors Google Analytics for websites we host. This information shows us if our marketing campaigns are working effectively or areas where we could improve our marketing efforts. By sharing these reports with our clients we can assure them their marketing budget is making a positive impact on their website’s outreach to consumers.

If you want more insight into Google Analytics give us a call at 1-605-341-5226 to speak to one of our digital marketing experts. Certified in Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more, our team can help you set up analytics for your website and identify ways to improve your site traffic.

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