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Celebrating Perspectives: Tracey Kennedy

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In the second installment of our “New Blood” series, Robert Sharp & Associates is pleased to kick up the heat a notch by showcasing the wide range of talents and perspective Account Services Representative Tracey Kennedy brings to our office.  Whether it’s her never-ending lineup of creative ideas or leading customer service skills, Tracey’s tenacity and wit allows our team to reach for the stars, with every new project she takes on.

Meet Tracey Kennedy

To call Tracey a triple-threat would be an understatement, seeing as her broad range of skills continually grow and provide meaningful value for our clients. As an Account Services Representative, Tracey plays a substantial role in maintaining the day-to-day well-being of our client relationships. Whether she’s pitching a new client, negotiating rates for television placements or writing a script for a client’s commercial, Tracey far exceeds the expectations of our clients by being personable, reliable, and honest. Never one to back down from a challenge, Tracey has been helping our team develop new clients since the day she started. Bringing expertise across multiple realms of business to the table including customer service, recruitment, human resources, and sales, Tracey is living proof that a smile, perseverance, and commitment to detail will always go further than expected. It’s this fresh perspective and flexibility that has allowed our Account Services Department to constantly evolve in all of the right ways. In short, Tracey is a customer service force to be reckoned with – and an inspiration to us all.

“Our agency works with a vast array of businesses and clients, and we do everything from traditional and digital advertising to web design, video production, and the occasional on-site event management. Therefore, we look for well-rounded employees that can juggle all the tasks and personalities we put before them. Tracey was a great find and we're so blessed to have her on our team. She's professional, very attentive, and a stickler for details. As her boss, I appreciate her...but more importantly, so do her clients!” – Stacey Sharp on Tracey Kennedy.

In Conversation with Tracey Kennedy

Your tenure and track-record of service excellence has cemented you as a leader of thought and creativity at RSA. How do you tap into such a creative mindset so consistently?

Each client is unique and brings their own set of challenges to the creative direction of their project.

I have the type of personality that is always thinking two steps ahead, and luckily everyone in the office is always down for brainstorming sessions!

How has RSA’s office environment been conducive of your own personal/professional growth over the last several years?

I’m very lucky to be surrounded by co-workers who are the best at what they do, so I learn about web, digital, graphic design, and event planning daily.

Why do you believe fresh perspectives are imperative to organizational growth?

Advertising is an industry that is constantly evolving, you can quickly become a dinosaur among agencies if you don’t combine new strategies with old tried and true methods. Each one of us brings a different perspective to the table, but our goal is always what’s best for the client.

The average tenure of a job is 4.1 years in 2022. You’ve worked at RSA for nearly 5. What has kept you here?

I’ve been here 4.6. (5 in December) I’ve stayed at RSA because we blend creativity with research and measurable data. So we accomplish serious goals for our clients but get to have fun doing it!

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, where is the heart of RSA’s office in your sage opinion?

Stacey Sharp’s Office. It feels like home, and even has a fireplace!

To learn more about Tracey, visit our Meet The Team page, and stay tuned for the final installment of our New Blood series featuring RSA Graphic Designer Reba Sabo.

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