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Celebrating Perspectives: Reba Sabo

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In the final installment of our “New Blood” series, Robert Sharp & Associates Graphic Designer Reba Sabo is on deck. The living definition of persistence, Reba’s graphic design skills paired with her unrelenting desire to complete projects to the acclaim of our clients is truly awe inspiring. An established team member in our office, Reba’s fresh perspective and drive makes her a master assassin capable of completing the most arduous tasks in record time. Intrigued? Keep on reading.

Meet Reba Sabo

Someone once described Reba as the “artistic wind beneath their wings” (okay, maybe that was just us) and she’s been helping us soar to new heights ever since. Both a multi-talented Graphic Designer and dog-mom to our adorable office dog Liko (he honestly deserves his own article on fresh perspectives), Reba’s work is as strong as it is cutting-edge. Having gained an extensive knowledge of design programs over time, Reba is a living testament to the notion that “creativity can never run out”. Whether she’s working against a tough deadline or working to please a crowd of stakeholders with her designs, she’s proved through and through her conviction for design excellence – and that hard work has repeatedly paid off. Always working to grow our base of skills, Reba will forever bring new perspective to client meetings and internal meetings alike, helping our team see things in new ways. No matter the roadblocks that may lead ahead, Reba is quick-witted, adaptable, and purposeful in everything she does, making mountains feel like molehills. A vital member of our team since 2013, Reba is RSA’s resident Design Queen.

“She brings a positive attitude that you can almost feel through the expression in her designs. Always looking from her unique angle, she’ll approach each design with care and thought. The end product is never cookie-cutter or a rehash of something she’s designed before. As designers, we can’t help but grow attached to our artwork. We want people to say “wow” because one of our goals is to create emotion…and nobody knows better than Reba, that we achieve all of our goals when the client achieves theirs.” – Justin Mather, Graphic Designer, on Reba Sabo.

In Conversation with Reba Sabo

Reba – youre known as a person who is constantly busy creating stunning work. How do you remain in such a creative headspace so consistently?

That is a great question. This can be a struggle at times. We do a lot of work for clients on an annual basis, so we are constantly trying to create the next great look for them or their events. I find research is a great way to gain inspiration as well as paying attention to the world around us. Sometimes just taking a break from a project helps to not get stuck in rut. Or finding tutorials to learn different techniques can spark new ideas. Also, in times when experiencing somewhat of a ‘designers block’, our team is great to bounce ideas off of and get back on track.

Why do you believe fresh perspectives are imperative to organizational growth?

Growth is dependent on learning. Sometimes I think we can tend to go into ‘auto pilot’. Introducing fresh perspectives is a great way to challenge one another and create an environment for learning. It brings in new ideas and ways of thinking in which we can all learn from each other and grow as a team.

They say change is inevitable in any organizational setting. How do you find positivity in such change over time?

I think this really ties into the last question. Without change, we aren’t growing. We become stagnant; there are no new ideas flowing, no new skills being learned, no new strategies being developed etc. We would be missing out on the 'next big thing’ and fall far behind in our ever changing industry.

Finding a work-life balance is difficult for many, but you seem to navigate the waters masterfully. Whats your secret to maintaining balance in your personal and professional life?

Since I was little I can remember my grandpa always saying ‘don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to make a life’. It can be easy for people to get so wrapped up in their careers they forget other important things in life. For me personally, I love to fill my free time playing softball and volleyball, golfing, going fishing (especially ice fishing), having BBQs, or just simply relaxing at home, all in the company of loved ones. I’m grateful to have found a career that I enjoy that is flexible and allows me to enjoy my life outside of work as well.

If you could say anything to yourself on Day 1 of working at RSA that you know now, what would it be and why?

Don’t take criticism personally. Day 1 at RSA was a completely new world for me. I went from building electrical substations to an office job. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design but had no experience working in an office, on a computer all day, working with different servers, etc. I felt I had a really good grasp of design concepts and the programs I would be working with, but there is just so much to learn once you get into the industry that isn’t taught in a classroom. You aren’t going to just jump in and nail it right off the bat… I think realizing that fact and taking any type of criticism as an opportunity to learn and grow is essential to success.

Learn more about Reba by visiting our Meet the Team page, and explore the wide range of show-stopping design work completed by our Graphic Design team by visiting our Graphic Design Portfolio.


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