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Wall Drug Store, a world-renowned tourist destination based in Wall, South Dakota has grown its notoriety at an astronomical rate over the course of the last 90 years. Well known for its charming façade, eclectic draw by way of iconic signage, and positioning as a place where you can find anything you’re looking for, Wall Drug Store debuted an online storefront in 2016, selling all of the most sought after wares the popular attraction is known for. While Wall Drug’s organic audience and name alone drove users to their online store, Wall Drug wanted to increase sales – looking to a trusted marketing agency offering top-notch digital marketing services for help in late 2019.


From mounted jackalopes to family cookbooks, popcorn, and fragrances, Wall Drug Store pulled out all of the stops in launching their online storefront. Utilizing Shopify to easily manage their inventory and provide a user-friendly online shopping experience, Wall Drug set out to bring the wares of their well-known attraction to homes and businesses around the world. Appealing to a wide demographic of travelers, ranging from young families to bucket-listers, Wall Drug knew their online store could be a hit with all of the right stars aligned.

Already well-aware of the variety of services offered by the marketing experts at Robert Sharp & Associates (RSA), following the successful launch of a new Wall Drug Store website, the team at Wall Drug looked to RSA for guidance on the means by which they could achieve their objectives. Utilizing a pre-existing knowledge of Wall Drug’s target audience, demographics, and the power of digital marketing, RSA came up with a plan to far surpass Wall Drug’s goals of generating online sales.

Cognizant of the long-standing traditional marketing strategy by which Wall Drug had grown their business over many decades, RSA instilled a level of trust and care in our partnership that overcame any timidity about deviating from the tried-and-true formula for success that Wall Drug had developed.


Google Shopping

Utilizing the power of combining Shopify with Google Shopping Ads, RSA launched a nationwide Google Shopping campaign showcasing Wall Drug’s unique wares, driving traffic to shop.walldrug.com. Launched just months before the rise of a global pandemic, RSA’s efforts brought Wall Drug Store to thescreens of online shoppers from around the world – working both as a tool to reach past visitors, and an awareness tool enlightening people who had never visited before.

Whether it be their notorious name, affordable products, or sheer intrigue, Wall Drug’s Google Shopping Ads aimed to not only drive traffic to their online store, but ultimately drive conversions over time. The results we saw were staggering.


By year end of 2020, Wall Drug’s Shopping Ads saw a cumulative revenue increase of 1,200%, with purchases increased by over 2,000% from RSA’s efforts.

  • Site Traffic: Increased 80%+
  • Total Revenue Increase Overall Online: Up 400%+

Amid the stresses of a global pandemic, subsequent changes in consumer shopping behavior, and more, Wall Drug ended 2020 with record-breaking increases seen in online sales, online revenue, and ROI. Working together with the RSA team to assess and measure the results of our combined efforts over time, Wall Drug was able to confidently scale their investment in Google Ads to provide the optimal return on their campaign, setting a precedent for campaign performance ever since.

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