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Many of our clients at Robert Sharp & Associates, especially those in the tourism industry, rely heavily on revenue from foot traffic during their peak months. Reptile Gardens, one of RSA’s largest and longest lasting client relationships, is no exception to this. Reptile Gardens is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest Reptile Zoo and is a huge draw for tourists and locals each summer! RSA and Reptile Gardens have had a long-standing relationship for many years, and as their agency we are always looking for new ways to showcase the uniqueness of their attraction and provide them with a successful, measurable ROI.

Our goals for this past summer were to not only find some new avenues for Reptile Gardens to market themselves, but also find ways we could provide them with more holistic tracking methods of how our digital campaigns correlated into foot traffic.


Since Reptile Gardens is such a fun, adventurous atmosphere, RSA decided that advertising on a social platform that encourages realness and interacting with trends would be our best option. For this reason, we decided to launch a TikTok ad campaign to share fun things happening at Reptile Gardens. TikTok is great ad platform because it encourages creators to make ads that don’t feel like ads to blend seamlessly into a users feed. TikTok is the place where trends are created and go viral, so it provides businesses a unique opportunity to capitalize on those trends and get their ads in front of more people.

In addition to finding new platforms to promote Reptile Gardens, we also wanted to find a better way to track how many people visited Reptile Gardens after seeing our digital campaigns. To achieve this, RSA utilized software called AdTaxi. AdTaxi offers advanced analytic tracking to determine how many people interacted with your website from a Digital Ad, and can even get as granular as determining how much foot traffic you received from an particular advertisement. Using this, we were able to provide Reptile Gardens a more detailed report on their campaign performance as well as increase their ROI on their campaign spend.


The most unique thing about Reptile Gardens is their large, diverse collection of reptiles. From small lizards, to poisonous snakes, and even giant crocodiles, putting the animals at the forefront of our TikTok campaign was the goal. We created a variety of videos from educational videos with our zookeepers, to feeding videos, and even just silly videos of the animals using trending audio. One thing we have learned is that audio trends are huge on TikTok and finding ways to relate that audio to your content is a great way to increase the views on your videos.


We have seen amazing success from our TikTok videos and the implementation of AdTaxi. Many of our videos on TikTok have gone viral with our most popular video receiving almost 70 million views!

From our Ad Taxi campaign we have found that Reptile Gardens achieved a 258% ROI on their campaign based on number of visitors and the average visitor spend.

Reptile Gardens.

Reptile Gardens.

TikTok Top video views:

  • 8M
  • 1K
  • 8K

Our AdTaxi Ads resulted in:

  • 1,381,504 impressions
  • 2,528 website visits
  • 755 Foot Traffic
  • 258% ROI

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