Wheel Jam


Robert Sharp & Associates has worked with the team at the South Dakota State Fair (SDSF) for many years, so we were excited when they approached us about making a new website for them. Each year during the SDSF they hold two major events, Wheel Jam and the SD BBQ Championships. In years past, these events have each had their own website. In order to consolidate information, improve the user-experience and hopefully cross promote each event, the RSA team decided to combine both websites. The new website features an easy-to-update events module that allows the SDSF team to make updates whenever needed, as well as an immersive experience video on the website homepage. With a comprehensive content strategy that tells the story of both events, and a fresh website design, the SDSF team is ready to start marketing their new website and get people excited for the 2022 event. 

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