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The RSA team is proud to work with Rapid City Area Schools and many other non-profits in and around the Black Hills on a variety of important projects.

Our work with the Rapid City Area Schools has ranged from video production for anti-bullying campaigns, to suicide awareness campaigns, programs offered, and more.

By using top-of-the-line video equipment and editing software we have produced and edited videos that are not only informative but impactful. Showcasing a range of emotional shots and first-hand interviews with students and teachers, these moving videos pull at the heartstrings and encourage viewers to take action.

Suicide Prevention

Suicides among teens in the US are happening at an alarming rate. Often teenagers respond more positively to peer-to-peer dialogue, so RSA worked with the Social & Emotional Education Department at RCAS to create a student-led video that helps provide education on some of the warning signs of suicide and what to do if they know someone who is contemplating suicide. This video was shown to students district-wide and featured students from all three area high schools.

Handle with Care Program

Oftentimes educators are unaware one of their students has experienced some sort of trauma at home and that’s the reason they have become withdrawn or are acting out in a way that precipitates punitive discipline. The Handle with Care Program was created to provide a way for law enforcement to alert the schools without giving out the details of the incident.  RSA worked closely with RCAS and local law and emergency personnel to create an emotional video highlighting this important new program.

Stevens High School Anti-Bullying Video

The students at Stevens High School wanted to do something to help deter bullying at their school so they reached out to RSA to help create a powerful video showing how potent hateful words are, the different types of bullying to be aware of, and how you can be part of the solution.

RCAS Pathways

During the 2021-2022 school year, RCAS introduced a pathways approach that provides all students with access to career-connected learning experiences called ‘academies’. RSA worked on a number of informational videos for RCAS including a Pathways Introductory video that was shown to the public at the kickoff event, a series of academy overview videos that included interviews with RCAS staff and educators, and a series of academy interview videos featuring representatives of sponsoring businesses. These interview videos will be embedded into the Freshman Academy online coursework as the final step before the student chooses an academy pathway.

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