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Robert Sharp & Associates have worked alongside Dean Kurtz for a number of years, working to grow their online presence and inform the region of the services they provide. Dean Kurtz is one of many construction companies in the area, so competition is dense. This meant our team had to get creative with our messaging to help Dean Kurtz stand out and get their messages to the right people.


In our initial analysis we discovered there was a lack of engaging and shareable content within the construction sector. RSA then had to find a creative way to inform all target demographics what dean Kurtz was up to. We decided to provide people a first-hand look at how a commercial building project goes from conception to completion. This provides users an inside look at the building process, while also building top-of-mind awareness for Dean Kurtz.


While it may seem like the construction process is pretty cut and dry there is so much more that goes into the project, and that is what we wanted to showcase with these videos. To market Dean Kurtz as the leading construction company in the area, we showcased the extra effort and care they put into their projects to ensure perfection in every one of their builds. In addition, we wanted to emphasize the work Dean Kurtz does to improve our community and provide opportunities for future generations.

 “Positively impacting the communities in which we live and work” was chosen as the slogan for this campaign. This signifies that Dean Kurtz is made up of local employees looking to improve the community they call home.


We thought the best way to capture this footage was going directly to construction sites and interviewing the supervisor for each project to get firsthand information on where the project was at, where they hope to be in the near future, and any challenges the crew has faced along the way. In addition to the interviews we collected b-roll shots of the workers completing their tasks or working on an interesting project. After creating our content we determined Facebook and Google to be the flagship platforms to distribute the messaging.

Facebook: Our Facebook campaign was centered on sharing our posts and videos to not only our current followers but boosting our posts to reach those outside of our followers and attract some new life into our social media campaigns. We quickly learned that the video aspect of social media is taking a huge upswing and we jumped in with both feet. Within the first few months we were receiving over 1,000% more video views than previous attempts at regular posting and over a 60% increase in the static post engagement. Here were the numbers for the 2021 social media campaign.

  • Impressions: 144,251
  • Website Visits: 7,701

Google Ads: Google Search ads are a great way to put your ad in front of a targeted audience searching for terms and phrases related to your industry. RSA created a Google Search campaign that targeted phrases such as “construction companies, contractors, commercial builders, etc...” Once these searches were made Dean Kurtz Construction would move to the top of the Google searches for keywords that aligned with our campaign. This allowed DKC to reach a very specific audience that was looking for their services directly. That campaign produced the following statistics.

  • Additional Website Visits: 418
  • Average Session Duration: 1min24 sec


At the end of 2021, we saw some amazing growth in the Facebook page in regards to impressions, engagement and following. The videos gave us the know-how to move forward with professional photo and video content to springboard Dean Kurtz into 2022 and expand on our 2021 campaign to reach even more people. Our Google campaign allowed us to fine tune our target audience and help us highlight which keywords were most prominent amongst possible prospects in the future. Overall, the campaign was a success and will help us strive even farther in 2022 and help Dean Kurtz Construction become an industry leader in this marketplace.

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