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  • Cutting the Crap: Why understanding basic design terms will help your project run smoothly

     June 21, 2022

    Many people have a creative mind and a keen eye for design. However, it may be hard to articulate your thoughts without understanding some basic design terms. Learning the lingo of graphic design will not only help bring you up to speed but it will also help you accurately describe what you are looking for in a design project.

    The graphic designers at Robert Sharp & Associates have put together the following list of need-to-know terms and phrases related to graphic design. With these in your arsenal, you’ll be able to accurately communicate with your designer and ensure you both have an understanding of the goals for your end project.

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  • What is Font Psychology and how should you use it to your advantage?

     February 7, 2022

    When it comes to designing anything for your business whether it be flyers, banners, email campaigns, business cards, or your logo, there are many important aspects to consider. Most of us have heard of color psychology which is essentially the emotional effect certain hues and colors have on people. Or, the emotion certain colors invoke.

    In addition to color psychology, another important aspect to consider is your typeface. While fonts may seem like a dry subject, the font you use may be saying much more about you than you anticipated.

    In fact, in addition to color psychology, designers around the globe have coined the term font psychology to show the importance of typography in branding.

    In this blog, RSA will break down the meaning of font psychology and examine what different types of fonts say about your organization.

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  • Tips For Creating Effective Banner Ads That Will Drive Conversions

     May 4, 2021

    Banner ads are so ingrained into our daily web searches and mindless surfing they have become an integral part of our web browsing experience. However, there was a time before banner ads were placed all over our favorite web pages and social media platforms.

    The first banner ad was created in 1994 and appeared on Wired magazine’s website hotwired.com. It was an ad for AT&T focusing on “futuristic technological wonders”. The purpose of the ad was to demonstrate how AT&T could transport people through time and space via the internet. 44% of people who saw the ad actually clicked on it, a novelty percentage compared to the click rate we see on most banner ads today.

    Text reads: Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? Then, an arrow indicating the right side of image where text reads: You will.
    The first banner ad, as it appeared on hotwired.com in 1994.

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  • 7 Logo Design Essentials

     August 27, 2019

    Logo Concept and Design

    From gracing Facebook profile photos to being prominently displayed on a billboard, company logos are everywhere. They often serve as a person’s first impression of a business, and whether or not it is effective can determine whether your audience’s curiosity gets sparked to learn more about the products and services you offer. Over time, as people view your logo, it will stand as a way that your company sticks in the minds of consumers, eventually creating a sense of familiarity that builds trust and gains lifelong customers. Logos also help build the foundation of your brand’s identity, with an effective logo helping to tell your company’s story and evoking a fitting emotion from the viewer.

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