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  • How to go from Bland to Brand: A branding toolkit by RSA

     August 24, 2021

    When you hear the word brand what do you think of? For many, we might think of some of our favorite brands:  Nike, Starbucks, Apple, and more. But what is it about these popular companies that make them instantly pop into our heads when we hear the word “brand”? It’s because of something called brand value, or the worth of a brand to a consumer. All of these companies have created brands that are unforgettable and instantly recognizable.

    So what is branding and why is it important for your business? Boiled down, branding encompasses everything your business is and how your customers perceive you. Without a definitive brand, you aren’t leaving a mark on your customers and you can’t accurately showcase what your company is about.

    So, how do you create a brand that is both memorable, and showcases your company the way you want it to? Well, that’s what we’re here for!

    Our team of marketing experts is sharing our tips on how to make your company go from bland to brand!

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  • Why you should not sleep on traditional media

     August 11, 2021

    In a world where we are constantly being bombarded by information overload it can be difficult to determine which channels will be the most effective in delivering your marketing message to the right audience. With technology interweaving itself in every fiber of our lives, it can sometimes feel like digital marketing is the only way to get our message across. Think again!

    We’re here to ensure you that a comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing strategy is still the most effective way to reach your target audience. Here’s why:

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