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  • The Art of Converting: Build and Track Your Marketing and Sales Funnel

     February 26, 2021

    Learn about the phases of the sales and marketing funnel and how to create super fans of your brand.
    Next to having a team of great employees, any business owner will tell you there’s nothing more coveted than having legions of super fans. Delighted customers who sing your brand's praises to anybody willing to listen. But at one point, every single one of those super fans had never even heard of your business before.

    How did they make that journey? What was the process? Which steps were most effective and led to their conversion? What do we need to understand to replicate that journey for more new customers?

    Most folks use the metaphor of a funnel to visually represent this journey. As a digital marketing agency, Robert Sharp & Associates in Rapid City, SD are experts at creating and optimizing the conversion rates of digital marketing and sales funnels, so those will be the primary focus of this article.

    By the end of this blog, you’ll learn about the various layers of a funnel, how to build multiple funnels throughout your business, and how to track actions taken throughout these funnels. Then you can make informed decisions that’ll lead to more sales, more success, and more super fans. Let’s go!

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  • Be Mindful with Your Money: Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency

     February 19, 2021

    Selecting the best digital marketing agency to hire requires research and indepth analysis of your own business.

    At last, all your hard work has paid off. Your latest product or service is complete and ready to be marketed to the world, or at very least, your target audience. But before you reach your moment of zen, you must consult the mighty oracle, Google, and find the people who will ensure your campaign launch is a massive success.

    A quick search unveils an overwhelming number of digital marketing agencies willing to take your money, but what that search doesn’t reveal is which agency will give you the best value for that money.

    But fear not, because with a little guided research and self-evaluation of your business, you will reach enlightenment, and the digital marketing agency your business should hire will reveal itself!

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