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Posts for January 2021

  • Essential Local SEO Tips That’ll Make Sure You Don’t Miss the Boat

     January 15, 2021

    These Local SEO Tips will help make your website optimized to capture searches with local intent.

    If you’re a small business owner, then local web traffic is your lifeblood. Roughly 40-60 billion Google searches take place in the US each month, and the intent for 46% of all Google searches are to find local information. So it goes without saying that if your website isn’t optimized to capture searches with local intent, you’re missing the boat… BIG TIME.

    So how do you create strong Local SEO? These tips will get you started.

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  • The Search Is Over: Search Engine Marketing Explained

     January 11, 2021

    Search engine marketing or SEM differs from SEO mainly in that it refers to paid search advertising as opposed to optimizing web content to increase organic rankings.

    You started a business. You’ve got a product or service that a segment of the population needs, and you need that segment to find you so they can experience the life-changing benefits of that product or service.

    Enter SEM, or Search Engine Marketing- the marketing strategy that’s going to help turn those people into loyal customers and your business into a smashing success. Sounds great, but what is it? How’s it done?

    You’re about to find out.

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