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Why you should hire a professional web developer instead of doing it yourself

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So you’ve started a small business, you picked out a name, logo, and the brand identity you want your business to portray. What’s the next step? Building a website, of course!

A business website is an integral part of having success as a new business owner. It generates leads, improves your credibility, provides information about your business, and communicates your brand values.

Most people look online for any information they need. We aren’t used to the days of picking up the phone and calling to inquire about a service. It is estimated that almost 90% of North Americans access and use the internet daily, meaning if you don’t have an online presence; you’re missing out on the opportunity to connect with a large group of potential customers.

So you’ve decided you need a website, but where do you get started? The internet offers many free website building programs including Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Square Space and more.  While those web builders may have some of the capabilities you need on your site, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. If you are utilizing a free web building software odds are the quality isn’t going to be what you want, and need, to fully optimize your website.

Hiring a professional web developer is a time-saving, cost-efficient way to ensure your website is not only visually appealing, but will generate the most leads possible.

Below are the top reasons why hiring a professional web developer is the right move for your business:

1: To save time and money

While at first glance it may appear hiring a web developer is a spendy process, you may actually be saving money in the long run. If you design your own website, that’s time you are taking away from running your business, interacting with customers, and most importantly...making sales. Another issue is that free CMS platforms are never as easy as they look. They are often very picky and require hours of your time trying to lay everything out and make sure it’s functioning properly. Unless you are a technology guru, the time you are going to spend fixing your site is not going to outweigh the money you are saving using free web design software.

2: To ensure your website is reaching the right people

What many people don’t understand about web design is it doesn’t matter how unique your site looks if no one can find it. Professional web designers and developers understand online marketing, and more importantly understand how your customer base is going to interact with your website. They know the proper placement for Calls-to-Action that will move viewers through your conversion funnels and generate tangible leads. They can code your website to adhere to SEO practices as well as adding title and meta descriptions to help your website rank on search engines like Google. Our team conducts extensive keyword research when building websites to determine what people are searching for in your respective field. When those terms are searched for, your website is going to show up. A website without SEO is floating in the endless sea of URL’s and isn’t going to be an effective marketing tool.

3: To make your website accessible

Web developers are up-to-date on ADA compliance rules, and utilize them when building your website. ADA compliance ensures that everyone, including people with disabilities can have full and equal access to your website. This allows them to access content, engage with widgets, and navigate your website easily. In fact, some companies have even faced lawsuits over having websites that are not fully ADA compliant.

Web developers can also ensure your website is accessible by decreasing your load time. Fast load time is one of the keys to creating a great user experience.  By implementing the proper plug-ins and utilizing reliable software, your website will load quickly, unlike free builders who load their plug-ins from third party software.

 4: To create a mobile friendly design

In 2020 mobile devices accounted for 61% of visits to websites. If your website is not compatible to be viewed on a mobile device that means 61% of people visiting aren’t getting the optimal experience. Free online software does their best to size your website down to be viewed on different screen, but can often cause layout issues. Our team of web developers checks your website on all mobile devices before launch to ensure no matter what screen size people are using, it looks great! They are able to size down pictures, stack elements, and rearrange content so that your website seamlessly transfers from desktop to mobile.

5: To elevate your brand

While sites like WordPress and Wix allow users to pick from pre-determined templates and change font styles and colors, web developers can completely customize your website to fit the exact needs of your business. Web designers stay up-to-date on the latest web trends to ensure your website is fresh and current. You have control over every aspect of the design process, making your website stand out above the rest. As your business grows, you may need to adjust some of the features on your website. Instead of starting from scratch, your web designer can easily add new pages, section, modules, or whatever components you need to ensure your customers have the optimal experience.

In today’s digital age, your website is most often the first impression people are going to have with your business and first impressions are everything. Hiring a professional web development team not only guarantees you will have a stunning website that shines above the competition, it also provides you with added security, support , maintenance, and a level of technical experience that you would otherwise be lacking. Most importantly, web developers will build your site with your customer in mind, ensuring it is in the hands of the right people at the right time.

If you need help designing and developing your website, give Robert Sharp & Associates a call today at 605-341-5226.

Our team will help you through the entire process from content writing, to design, to development, and finally the launch of your new website, providing you technical support and training along the way.

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