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In the realm of online marketing a business’s website is the backbone to every incoming request for information or conversion. Whether it's a referral from Google search, social media, online advertising, etc., the core fundamentals of a website need to be in place for traffic to convert. With 22 years of experience in the marketing sector, I have learned to always put conversions at the top of the list when developing and implementing design and functionality of a website.

With that in mind, it is very important during the website discovery phase that the development and marketing team converge to create an outline of online user flow, events, and goals. From phone number placement and form fills to reservations requests, purchasing a product, and file or app downloads, everything within the design and layout needs to be strategically implemented. Even if the goal or event is not monetary, getting the user to the goal or event and then tracking them is important to the ongoing measurement of the website’s performance. This method helps us to identify what is important to an actual online customer or user, allowing us to adjust the experience to best suit their needs as time moves forward.

Below are a few examples of this idea in practice. There are clear calls to action, events, and goal strategies built into each website.

Click to view Powder House Lodge
Powder House Lodge

Click to view Restmore Inn
Restmore Inn

Click to view Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy.
Rushmore Compounding

Click to view ELO CPA

Click to view B9 Creations
B9 Creator

Click to view Journey Museum and Learning Center
The Journey Museum and Learning Center

Every business is unique, however, the process in which an online presence is created should follow proven revenue or goal generating techniques. At RSA we can help you discover and implement the techniques that produce results for your website. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Written by, Tony Dodd, VP and Web Development Director, RSA

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