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From greeting each guest when they walk through the door to thanking them for their business when they leave, your hotel or restaurant sets standards so each customer has a positive experience with your brand.  But there is one crucial element of customer service you may be overlooking – your company’s website. With 88% of adults in the U.S. preferring to book their hotel stay online, and around 85% of consumers heading to the internet before they choose a place to dine, having an easy-to-navigate website that draws in your audience and allows them to see what your business is all about is critical in staying on top of the competition.

The website design team at Robert Sharp and Associates has a vast amount of experience building hotel and restaurant websites, and we’re here to share with you some of the key elements we have found that make a website successful for the hospitality industry.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Over fifty percent of internet use is mobile, but what exactly does that mean for the hospitality industry? Today,  1/3 of people book a hotel from a mobile device, and mobile ordering from restaurants websites is projected to hit $38 billion annually by 2020, making a website that is mobile-responsive not only a great way to stay ahead of the curve, but a necessity for staying relevant in the future.

Invest in Quality Photography

Whether you want to highlight your brand’s mouthwatering menu items or feature your hotel’s comfortable rooms, professional photography is an absolute must. Not only will quality photography entice your audience to visit your business, but the investment will prove to be valuable for years to come, as the photos can be used on social media and a number of other marketing platforms.

Optimize for Booking Conversions

An easy-to-use booking system, as well as clear calls-to-action leading to your booking system throughout the site, will help your customers book directly with you, which is beneficial for both you and your guests.  You eliminate any fees associated with the use of third-party booking services such as Expedia, while visitors receive a better price on their room and are more easily able to change the reservation if needed.

Showcase Your Menu

By prominently displaying your restaurant’s menu, you allow your potential guest to start drooling over your culinary offerings before they even step through the door. And simply including a link to a PDF of the menu just isn’t enough, as downloading PDFs requires valuable data that mobile users may not be happy parting with. A full text-based menu, accompanied by photos, does wonders for enticing hungry patrons through the door.

For help building a compelling website for your hotel or restaurant, contact the website development experts at Robert Sharp and Associates today!

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