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The Top Five Questions You Should Be Asking Your Marketing Agency

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Amid the ever-evolving marketing landscape, businesses continue to seek out marketing agencies to oversee the critical marketing services they need to successfully brand their business, reach their audience, and grow over time. With a reported 50% of businesses utilizing marketing agencies for their varied service expertise, the sheer amount of marketing agencies is as diverse as the services they provide. Robert Sharp & Associates has learned over time that not all marketing agencies are created equal, nor is the level of service they provide.

Whether you’re a new business looking to establish a partnership with a marketing agency or an already-established business dissatisfied with the service you’re receiving from your current agency, Robert Sharp & Associates believes that transparency is the foundation for which long-lasting marketing relationships are formed. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your current marketing partnership, we’re here to share the top five questions you should be asking your current or prospective marketing agency.

How is my business prioritized within your base of clientele?

When embarking in a partnership with a marketing agency, it is completely logical to question how your needs will be fulfilled and prioritized, especially when working with marketing agencies that have vast pools of clientele. There’s no point in working with an agency that neglects to prioritize your needs and marketing objectives – especially considering the amount of money some agencies charge for their services. Here at Robert Sharp & Associates, we work to prioritize clients of all sizes.

What is your agency doing to keep up with the latest best practices?

Like any skill or service, technology and resources continue to evolve alongside consumer demand. Be it traditional advertising or digital advertising, it’s important to work with a marketing agency that is conscious of the latest and greatest industry trends, best practices, and even outdated practices. Be it maintaining yearly Google Advertising Certifications, attending seminars on new services from social media platforms, or regularly working with television reps to get you the best placements, you should seek a marketing partnership with an agency that is not complacent with current trends. The last thing you want is to be pursuing a marketing agency using outdated principles and practices.

What creative elements of my business’ marketing strategy are the property of my business?

We hear time and time again of businesses who are unsure of whether or not produced assets for their business are their property or not. Be it television spots, social media graphics, radio spots, or even your website, a good marketing agency will be transparent about ownership of produced assets. Should your marketing partnership fizzle out, knowing whether or not you own the assets you rightfully paid to have produced can mean the difference between sinking or swimming. For reference: at RSA, our clients assume all ownership of produced content and assets.

How often should we expect you to communicate with us?

Be it campaign updates, changes in ad bid buying, or even changes in television placements, being in the know as the client should be of the utmost concern to you. Therefore, it is completely justified to ask your marketing agency how often you should expect to hear from them. Regardless of how your campaign is performing, you deserve to stay informed about how your money is being spent to support your marketing objectives. When in doubt, if you find your marketing agency’s communication to be poor, it may be worthwhile to begin looking into a new marketing agency that clearly prioritizes your business by way of regular communication.

How is my money being spent each month?

While this question may seem taboo to some marketing agencies, it is important to work with a marketing agency that is transparent about what you’re paying for each month. At the end of the day, it’s your money on the line and you deserve to know how it’s being spent. For example, if your marketing strategy is solely focused on digital marketing and you’re paying more for marketing services than actual ad spend, you may have a big problem on your hand. As a best case scenario, a good marketing agency will be transparent from the onset of your marketing strategy, as well as throughout their monthly invoicing.

If you’re dissatisfied with your current marketing agency and are in search of one that respects your business’ needs, budgetary constraints, and need for regular communication - you’re in luck! Here at Robert Sharp & Associates, we believe transparency and communication are the foremost services we can provide to our clients. To learn more, give us a call at 605-341-5226 or fill out our convenient Contact Form!

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