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RSA's Keys to Success: Maintaining a Vibrant Office Culture

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As a leading marketing agency in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, Robert Sharp & Associates has long held the belief that the success of our business cannot solely be measured by the money we make, and the large list of clients we serve, but rather by the quality of service and thought that our team provides those we work with every single day. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the unique office culture that reverberates through all reaches of our business. As we’re looking to grow our team and invest in talented individuals looking to pursue marketing careers, we’d like to take a look at this culture and the purpose it serves in empowering our team.

With a growing team of nearly 20 odd-some marketing professionals, our team is as diverse as ever in skill and intellect, representing a vast spread of perspective and expertise in marketing careers that allows us to come together and create purposeful strategies that serve the real-world needs of our clients and their customers. We’ve got members of our team who have been with us since the start, those who have joined us along the way, and those who we’ve added in the last couple years to help us evolve even further as a leading marketing agency. No matter your level of skill in marketing, the opportunities for growth and development at Robert Sharp & Associates are bar none. With the right passion for service and collaboration, you too can succeed in a marketing career at RSA.

Here’s what Digital Marketing Strategist Collin Kramer had to say about his experience joining the RSA team:

“When I joined the team at RSA everyone was very welcoming and made sure to make me as comfortable as possible. Often when you start a new job it can seem very foreign until you learn how they operate. With RSA, that transition was seamless because of how genuinely kind everyone is and how quickly they would come help you out when you needed some guidance or had a question about something. When you feel comfortable in that setting, it allows you to grow much faster and quickly learn how you can adapt into that work environment and start contributing, while still being confident in the work you are completing.”

Both large enough to accommodate the every need of our clients in the realm of marketing, yet small enough to remain personable and authentic in every relationship we maintain, Robert Sharp & Associates is a fishbowl of liveliness, characterized by collaboration and creativity. From a professional-growth standpoint, it’s that heightened level of collaboration, creativity, and freedom to learn that helps our team stay motivated and engaged in our work, day in and day out. While no day is the same as the last or the next, we value the personal and interpersonal successes of one another in a way that is empowering and allows us to grow in our roles.

Here’s what Project Manager Molly Sperlich had to say about the rhythmic flow of collaboration throughout RSA:

"One thing I have loved about working at RSA is the ability I have to try new things. Although we have many departments who specialize in all aspects of marketing, we all get to work together and try our hands at different things. It is so fun to see how so many different brains and personalities can come together to create a cohesive, multi-faceted marketing strategy."

In balancing the unique assets that each member of our team brings to the table, our team might as well be a camp of chameleons in the way we can shape our talents in any configuration imaginable. From this comes equitability in being able to leverage responsibility throughout our team and an inner sense of connectedness. Whether we’re working on a large scale project or engaging in our regular internal staff meetings, we learn, grow, and evolve as individuals, personally and professionally, by coming together. From here, the rest is magic.

If you could see yourself pursuing a marketing career alongside a team of professionals who want to see you succeed as much as we want to see our clients succeed, consider joining our team today – we’d love to have you.

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