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Mobile Responsive websites are about to get the nod from Google

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In a digital world where everything changes faster than most humans can imagine, it is important as a business owner or manager to at least keep up with the ‘big stuff.’ We are talking about the stuff online that can have a large impact on your business, including being found on the web.

April 21 of this year, Google is getting ready to up the ante for finding and serving websites to users around the world. With mobile technology growing in leaps and bounds, Google continues to set the standard for how we use and optimize our search methods.

Close to 65 percent of American adults own a smart phone device of some sort, which puts information at their finger tips. If you want to know anything these days all you have to do is grab your phone, sign on to Google and you’re off on the information super highway. Recognizing this trend, Google, will begin to rank sites that are mobile friendly above those that do not have a mobile component, as of April 21, 2015. This is great for consumers who primarily use their phone for online searches, but how will this platform change, affect the way Google ranks your business?

You may be thinking… “I just got my website where I want it and my SEO locked in, now I have to worry about being mobile friendly?”

The short answer is, yes. While your site may rank high in a Google search now, if your site does not offer a mobile component, you will be penalized with a lower Google search ranking.

Google has offered a simple solution to test to see if your site is mobile friendly. This mobile friendly audit system will tell you right away if your site will suffer or survive the mobile rank overhaul. If your site needs some work, Google will pin point your site’s weak point and offer tips on how to optimize.

Another way to safeguard your rankings is to make sure users aren’t being directed to pages that require a lot of pinching, zooming or horizontal scrolling.

Don’t think this change will affect your business? Keep in mind, the #1 ranked mobile site receives3 times the clicks. Protect your rankings by making sure your site is mobile responsive.

If you have questions regarding this Google format change or need help optimizing your sitecontact Robert Sharp and Associates today.

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