Media Buying… anybody can do it!

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Technically, this is an accurate statement… anybody can buy media.  It could also be said anybody can sew up a cut, install a car stereo, lay carpet, or groom a dog – but you shouldn’t. There are experts in every field and we rely on them on a daily basis. If you won’t trust anybody but an experienced groomer to give your dog a haircut, why wouldn’t you demand that same level of expertise with your advertising dollars? There are methods and strategies to buying media; all of which will save you money and provide you with measurable results.

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Although each campaign may be unique and customized to reach specified goals, they should all share common elements such as:

  • brand development
  • message testing
  • targeted focus groups
  • educational public forums
  • message creation
  • media placement
  • added value negotiation
  • public relations element
  • creative consistency

Are you taking all of these elements into consideration with your media buying? You’re losing money if you aren’t!

When purchasing traditional media, reach, frequency, and cost per point are primary considerations. Using national rating systems, such as Arbitron and Nielson allows you to track listening and viewing patterns, known as demographics. But have you really compared your media options through an RFP process to learn more about each medium and their willingness to work with you? Do you hold media outlets accountable to the cost per point, reach, and frequency they promise with each purchase?

South Dakota offers the unique challenge of vast rural areas which require an even more detailed approach. Robert Sharp & Associates has researched and devised a proven methodology to better expand reach from metro areas into rural populations. We’ve conducted numerous surveys and focus groups throughout the entire state of South Dakota to gain a better understanding of the habits of our rural demographic. We then analyzed our findings by age, gender and income, among other factors, to develop a baseline. This research and subsequent methodology is exclusive to RSA and offers our clients a sincere advantage to reaching targeted demographics and the rural population in the most cost-effective manner.

So, when you go to place your next media buy, stop and think if partnering with a professional with over twenty years experience might be a good investment. After all, it’s as easy as calling a dog groomer!

By assessing key elements in your media campaign, such as brand development, message testing, and added value negotiation, media buying can maximize business marketing and advertising dollars. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your next media buy for effective placement to propel your business forward!

-Stacey Sharp, Vice President and Director of Event Management at Robert Sharp & Associates

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