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Leveraging Fresh Perspectives to Elevate Marketing Partnerships to Infinity and Beyond

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Have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? If so, we’re here to tell you why Robert Sharp & Associates believes that notion is a pile of BS! With over 30 years of superb service under our belts, we’ve experienced, firsthand, the ebbs and flows of the marketing world as new mediums and realms of advertising have unfolded before our eyes. In this time, we’ve continually been blessed with the ability to quickly adapt new mindsets, skills, and talents to carry our clients in the right direction, time and time again. But how do we continually do it? How do we continue to refine our pool of expertise to make way for bigger and better things? The answer is simple: Fresh Perspectives.

Like any business, team members come and go, but if there is any one thing we have mastered at RSA, it’s keeping talented individuals on our team for years and years. In maintaining a sound foundation of expertise and excellence in service, RSA has continually evolved and grown to meet the needs of our clients. In this time, we’ve added more and more members to our team – bringing new skills, experiences, and perspectives. Sure, many people equate success to having years of experience, and while our growing expertise has certainly helped us be successful over time, it’s those new perspectives and trains of thought that have helped us see the work we do in vibrant color. Complemented by a workplace culture that is conducive of person growth, productivity, and innovation, we continually find new ways to blaze new trails in thought and service.

Statistics on a Positive Workplace Culture

  • According to statistics, a positive workplace culture allowing for innovation and collaboration lends 72% higher employee engagement, on average.
  • 46% of job seekers see company culture as very important when applying for careers
  • 88% of employees believe a strong company culture is key to business success
  • 77% of employees say flexible work options would enable them to lead healthier lives

With data backing the very company culture RSA aims to foster at all times, our team is as bold and engaged as ever before – a crowning achievement. No matter the roadblocks that stand in our way, our team is unafraid of the unknown and is consciously evolving our base of knowledge to get better and better at what we do. With the help of new hires, new perspectives, and new trains of thought, this evolution, or maturation is as easy as can be. With such ease, we’re able to stray from the norm, producing effective campaigns that go beyond what is expected from our service.


Stay tuned for three upcoming blogs featuring three of RSA’s most pronounced, and multi-talented team members. Not only are these individuals the embodiment of RSA, but they represent the true value of enriching our workplace culture with new perspectives

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