How Online Reviews Benefit Your Business

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Search Engine Reviews

Amplify Your Brand’s Visibility
Over the years, Google has developed a complex formula in determining which results will be shown in the over 3.5 billion searches that are conducted each day. One of the factors in the equation is online reviews, with 10% of the score attributed to the quantity and quality of reviews your business has obtained.

Convince Potential Customers
Online reviews allow you to reach consumers at that critical moment when they have decided to make a purchase and are in the process of choosing where to spend their money. Company ratings on review platforms vastly affect the option that ends up being chosen, as 94% of people report that they will not patronize a business that has less than 4 stars.

Maximize Conversions
There are many ways that online reviews can convince a potential customer to purchase from your company, but one may surprise you - negative reviews that get resolved can increase your website conversion by up to 67%. Online reviews go far in building consumer confidence in your brand, as 84% of people say that they trust reviews more than recommendations from friends and family.

Developing a Review Acquisition Plan
While there is not one answer that will work for every company, there are some relatively effortless steps you can implement that will increase the likelihood that someone will end up leaving a review after visiting your store or website. First, make sure your business is claimed on Google, which allows you access to respond to reviews, and gives you a link to give visitors to go directly to Google’s review form. Simply asking each customer to leave a review is also important, as a substantial 68% of people say they will leave a review if they are asked.

Search Engine Reviews

Developing a strategy for growing and responding to online reviews has become an essential ingredient to building an effective marketing campaign. If you need help putting together a plan to improve your brand’s public standing and search rankings through online reviews, contact the reputation management experts at RSA today!

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