How Can You Improve Your Keyword Search Results?

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improve your keyword search results with seo
Improving your keyword search results is something that almost any business can take advantage of with the right tools and a little bit of beginner’s SEO knowledge. However in most industries, an expert’s SEO opinion is what you’ll need to really climb the ranks.

As long as you have access to your website’s title tags, Meta descriptions, and on page content then you can make some slight progress in Google on your own. Ultimately though, you’ll require an SEO specialist’s skills in keyword research with years of experience to truly see a difference.

Your site’s title tags are the key to telling Google’s spiders exactly what your website is about. Let’s take a look at the title tags for one of our client’s sites Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy.

Title Tag Example:

 example of site title tag

So now when people are searching for a compounding pharmacy in the Rapid City area, they are much more likely to find their site. Choosing the right keywords is based on competitive analysis, and user search data, not just gut feeling. Our method ensures Rushmore Compounding Pharmacy is found in the search engine results page as often as possible.

Let's move on to the Meta description. This is the little snippet that shows up in Google’s search results, letting prospective clients know exactly what your page is all about.

Meta Description Example:

 example of meta description

With the right Meta description, you can improve your click through rate (CTR), and increase the amount of site visitors that use your services. As your click through rate increases, so will the position of your keywords over time. CTR is just one of many SEO factors that have to be optimized and perfected for your business to thrive.

Finally you need to take a good look at your site’s content, is it the absolute best it could be? If not, then it is likely that Google is aware of this fact too and you’re missing out on some local traffic. The best title tags and Meta descriptions in the world won’t help you if your content is not up to snuff.

Writing content for SEO involves checking your writing for sufficient word count; implementing keywords, sending outbound links to authority sites, linking internally to related content, and analyzing your competitor’s websites to make sure you’re offering the best information.

By taking a look at other sites in your niche, our SEO team can determine what’s working for others, what’s not, and ultimately what we can do better than the competition to improve traffic. Speaking of content, let’s take a look at a blog for one of our clients Action Mechanical in Rapid City and talk about linking.

Internal Linking Example:

 example of internal linking structure

Google keeps a portfolio of the internal linking anchor texts of every site. By examining the competition both local and nationwide, our SEO team is able to determine the optimum ratio of anchor texts for your internal link structure

In the above screen shot, we used a common anchor text for our internal link, just the word “here” but as we write more blogs we'd optimize this ratio. Example of different anchor texts to implement would be, “Action Mechanical”, “Visit Us”, and “Contact us today.”

By using a variety of anchor texts related to your brand, niche specific keywords, and diverse call to actions we are able to develop the best internal linking portfolio for your niche based on what Google prefers from other sites.

This whole process might sound simple enough if you're the technology type, but knowing exactly what keywords to use for your industry involves a long process of reduction using costly SEO keyword difficulty tools & site auditors.

At Robert Sharp & Associates we have the tools, the team, and the experience to handle all of the SEO legwork so you can maximize your organic reach. We understand that SEO requires great on page content, keyword optimized title tags, and Meta descriptions that aim to increase your click through rate along with your customer base.

It’s likely that your current SEO plan could use a significant boost, either in the form of fresh keyword research, or new blogs to capture more organic keywords in your niche. Contact Robert Sharp & Associates today to maximize the earning potential of your business.

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