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Going The Extra Mile: None of us are as good as all of us

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After 30 years in the marketing game, the folks here at Robert Sharp & Associates (RSA) have worked tirelessly to uphold and maintain the very principles we were founded on in 1989 to ensure our clients not only achieve their varied marketing objectives, but have room to grow beyond those objectives across often-oversaturated marketplaces. While decades of experience have helped us get a footing for the flair and tenacity needed to overcome the many challenges we and our clients face on a day-to-day basis, it’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two about the value of going above and beyond the call of duty to support our clients and see to it that they succeed.

Have you ever gone out of your way to do something for someone else? Do you know that warm feeling you get in your heart when you know you did the right thing even when you weren’t asked to? That’s the gold mine right there. In marketing, we’re in the business of helping others and reaching people with the work we do. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, graphic design, and web development, the work we do every single day contributes to the bigger picture. It’s the principle of helping others that continues to fuel our fire, here at RSA. It’s not about doing what’s expected. It’s about doing what’s right.

But what can you do as a marketing agency to prove that you mean business and that you actually care?

The answer is quite simple. Its things like making regular calls to check up on a client and see how business is doing that really makes a difference. It’s taking time out of your day to go visit a client even though you’ve got a completely full to-do list. It’s finding a way to fit a visit to a distant client in your personal travel itinerary as an opportunity to completely understand the nature of the work they’re doing that makes a difference. And so on, and so forth. Your effort to show that you care will take you farther than you could ever imagine.

While many advertisers have lost their way in the minutia of culture shock that comes with working in an industry that is ever-evolving, RSA has never been stronger in our pursuit to maintain our stride. We simply grow alongside our industry, learning, and evolving, every step of the way. Our growth has never been hindered by the advancement of knowledge, expectations and technology. Our team learns new things every day to help us be the best we can be for our clients.

By instilling a precedence of service excellence within ourselves and the clients we serve, RSA has grown immensely over the years. Not just because of the skills and talent of our people, but because we care about the people we work with and those we serve. The immense skillset our team possesses simply adds the cherry on top in the work we do. That’s probably why RSA has been Western South Dakota’s largest advertising service provider for over 30 years.

Around the office, we often use the analogy that we will never “set it and forget it” when it comes to things like media placements and digital marketing campaigns, but that same principle rings true in the way we treat our clients. No matter the duration of your time with RSA as a client, whether one month or 20 years like many of our clients, your budget, or your relationship with our team, you can always expect to receive the same level of care as every single one of our clients no matter how large or small.

When you choose RSA as your marketing agency, you aren’t adding a third party team of advertising experts who say they’ll help you succeed. You’re adding twenty odd-some marketing professionals to your team who are here to see you succeed. We’re a part of your team as much as you’re a part of ours when you choose to work with us.

In closing, where complacency has become a norm in the traditional agency-client relationship for the vast majority of advertisers, RSA has never lost sight of what matters. With a team of associates whose tenure ranges from 25 years with our agency to 4 months, there isn’t a single member of our team that wouldn’t drop everything they’re doing to contribute to a client’s greater success. Harnessing the power that exists within this notion and the varied expertise of our team, we’re not just helping our clients achieve their marketing objectives on a daily basis. We’re helping our clients succeed and soar to new heights, with the power of Robert Sharp & Associates supporting and backing them every step of the way.

For good measure, we’d like to share the mantra that hangs above our very own conference room – the place where all the magic happens:

“None of us are as good as all of us”                                

(We’ll let that one marinate within you as you absorb the wisdom instilled above.)

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