Fairs Are What We Do

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Fairs are what we do

Theme development, ad design, television production, event planning, PR consulting, media coordination... a lot of planning goes in to making a fair happen every year. As members of the  Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs and affiliates of the International Association of Fairs and Expos, Robert Sharp & Associates are experts in the fair marketing industry. Read about some of our successes below.

Where it all starts
From theme development to on-grounds assistance, we handle a little bit of everything for the Central States Fair in Rapid City, the South Dakota State Fair in Huron, and the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas. Every year we start by consulting with the fair office to create a theme and logo for the year's fair.

Once a theme has been chosen and a logo designed, the fun begins! Our team works diligently to create a marketing plan that delivers our message through various media channels including radio, television, billboards, print publications, and social and digital media.
South Dakota State Fair
The South Dakota State Fair
RSA is proud to say we have been working with The South Dakota State Fair for 10 years now!  In addition to all of our print design, television production, media placement, digital marketing, social media strategy, and website maintenance, the State Fair relies on our office to provide on-grounds assistance to help coordinate media personnel at their media center. We want to ensure the media has everything they need to cover the State Fair and the events happening in Huron. From a cup of fresh coffee in the morning, to story ideas and setting up interviews, we are there to assist the media and help them create positive stories about the South Dakota State Fair.
In addition to coordinating with media on grounds during the State Fair, RSA also assists in executing Social Media strategies during the State Fair. Our team works to schedule posts about events happening each day and respond to questions and comments throughout each day. New for 2017, RSA worked with staff from the fair to have a Facebook Live video each morning talking about each day's sponsor, events happening that day, and give away some tickets to the evening's grandstand entertainment. The videos proved to be very popular, with over 7,500 organic views each day. We also amped up digital advertising for the 2017 South Dakota State Fair with some great display ads promoting grandstand events and ticket sales, which showed great results with over 4.7 million impressions at 20,000 clicks to the website.  
Central States Fair

The Central States Fair

RSA has had the pleasure of working with the Central States Fair for 23 years! Our tenure there has enabled us to assist with activities far beyond marketing and advertising. We are pleased to have a seat at the table for sponsorship opportunities, entertainment input, ticketing options and gate and carnival promotions. We have achieved true "partner status" with the Central States Fair and are honored that they value our input and allow us to be so involved.   
Through the years, we have seen numerous changes in the Central States Fair. The obvious is integrating digital media, adding a web presence and offering online ticket sales; but we have also seen tremendous growth in their grounds facilities, nurturing new staff, and adding annual events to the grounds...which are busy 50 weekends a year.

Ron Jeffries and the Central States Fair have provided us with the opportunity to be involved in the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs and the International Association of Fairs and Expos, as both a participant and presenter. RSA has become a staple in the fair industry and we relish every opportunity that has brought us. Our love for the fair business began with the Central States Fair and we pride ourselves in the knowledge we've gained and the passion we've created for this industry.
Wyoming State Fair
The Wyoming State Fair  
RSA is entering their 8th year with the Wyoming State Fair, and we continue to enhance our involvement, both gearing up for and during the Wyoming State Fair.  
New for 2017 is the website. Admittedly about two years past due, we have created a beautiful site that is informative, appealing and easy to navigate. Bringing all the new technology into the site with video, a customized CMS, and mobile responsive features, this site is now easy for the staff to update in-house, and provides up to date information for scheduling, changes, alerts, etc. A unique feature of the site will be the transformation from "Fair" to "Grounds" over the next few weeks, allowing us to better feature the rental opportunities and non-fair events that take place in Douglas.  
Most importantly, you will find this site is not "cookie cutter", nor does it come with an expensive monthly hosting and update package. RSA is a small company that thrives on working with small fairs, working to stay within budget and customize websites to the unique qualities each fair has to offer.

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