Facebook is Changing, and So Should Your Strategy

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Facebook marketing updated strategies
Thursday night
Facebook announced changes to its News Feed algorithms. While these changes are good for users, they could be challenging for businesses who don't take note and change their strategies. Here at RSA, we are always watching and learning, changing and making ourselves better. We want to assure our current and future customers that we are watching these changes on Facebook, learning what it means for our strategies, changing our strategies, and making them better.

What's changing?
Users want to see more content from friends and family, so over the next few months Facebook will be changing algorithms to prioritize friends and family over public content. In the past it has used indicators such as likes, comments, and shares to rank posts. While these are still important, the new algorithms will predict and rank content you are likely to interact with, including posts that start conversations and back and forth discussion.

What does it mean for my business page?
Showing more posts from friends and family means less public content. Business pages will see a drop in reach and interactions depending on their content. Pages producing content that users don't react to or comment on will see the largest declines. Pages who prompt comments and discussion will see less of an effect.

So now what?
Engagement is going to become more important than ever in a good Facebook strategy. Posting a graphic of your next sale and walking away will result in low engagement, and low reach. As businesses, we need to interact with our customers, ask questions, start conversations, and be human.

What is RSA doing about it?
We have always built social media strategies around, well, being social. Moving forward, this will still be the number one strategy in reaching organic social media users, but it will have more emphasis than ever.

Rest assured we will be discussing these strategies with all of our clients, but if you have any questions or concerns about how this will affect your business, please reach out to us. Not a current client at RSA? Contact us today and see how we can help you stay ahead of the game.

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