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Create engagement with Facebook ads

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Do you want your Facebook ads to generate more sales or leads? Looking for effective advice on how to model your own ads?
In this article, we’ll discuss and describe some simple steps you can take to get your customers to respond to your ads!

1. Call attention to the advantages of your product

When wanting to put a spot light on your product or multiple products, it’s very important you are knowledgeable about the target audience you are aiming for: where do they live, how old are they, what are their needs or challenges and interests and beliefs?
You will be able to write Facebook ad copy that is more compelling if you have a better understanding of your target audience. You can align the features and benefits of your product with the objectives of your audience by utilizing these insights into their objectives. When writing Facebook ad content, it is essential that you focus on the key benefits that will benefit each of your customer’s needs, because not everyone will have the same necessity. 
Another tip you can utilize is creating separate Facebook ads to highlight each individual selling point create multiple ads to cater to different needs of each of your audiences.

2. Testimonials

Studies have shown that almost 90% of customers will trust reviews almost as much as word of mouth opinions from friends. Having positive testimonials will reflect on your product beneficially because it will give your company the chance to share previous customers’ words directly and learn how to appeal to your potential customers more effectively.  Sharing a positive testimonial about your product on a Facebook ad or a post that you worked on, to appeal to your potential customers will benefit your reputation and create the engagement you’re aiming for.

3. Giving your customer a sense of urgency

You may want your customers to make a purchase or submit a conversion form right away. But some other customers like to look and make the decision later so coming up with an alternative to encourage them to convert faster is always a good idea. Thus can be done are making a short-term, time-sensitive offer. Make sure customers know the offer's expiration date so they can take advantage of it before it expires. Another idea to consider is presenting a product that only has a limited supply and is a first come first serve where they get a sense of urgency of missing out. 

4. Value with no cost

In perfect scenarios, your product’s benefits can be compelling enough for your audience to convert instantly. But in normal cases, customers take a progression of smaller interactions to gain trust in your company or product before they complete the final conversion step. 
In either case, offering free value may improve the efficiency of your advertising funnel. You can increase potential customers’ likelihood of making a purchase from your company as well as increase brand recognition and credibility by providing freebies that your target audience actually wants in order to gain consumers trust in your brand and create returning customers! This can include free tutorials or tips for using our product.

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