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In the early part of 2017, Facebook started rolling out a new feature for business pages. Business pages are now able to use a cover video, instead of just a static cover photo. Since Facebook’s algorithm focuses on engagement, and the popularity of online video content is steadily increasing, this feature provides businesses with a new opportunity for their digital marketing strategy. The change was gradual, so not all business pages saw the video feature immediately. It took some time, but by the end of the 2017, all pages had the video cover feature.

Although this feature has now been around for about a year, not many businesses are utilizing this feature today. It might be because it is still fairly unknown or people have not noticed the change yet. Facebook did officially announce the testing of the video covers back in April of 2017, after a user noticed the change first. Other than that, Facebook has not released much more information, except that they would roll the video feature out slowly.

On a desktop view, the video automatically starts playing as soon as a Facebook page loads. This is more dynamic than a still photo and catches the user’s eye when they view the business page. With video being at the forefront of social media and online marketing right now, this is a simple way to spice up a social media campaign and add a little something extra to a Facebook page. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined, therefore the use of a cover video can help increase the engagement on a page and memorability of the business. The video can enhance a still photo, showcase a product or service, show your brand or company, and much more.

Facebook Exampe Video Covers Sand Diego Zoo

Examples of the Facebook Cover Videos:

When it comes to the cover video, Facebook does have a few requirements. The size of the video is different than most standard videos. It is also cropped more on a desktop version than on a mobile device. The minimum requirement for a video is 820 x 312 pixels, but the recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels. Video resolution must be at least 1080p and the video must be between 20 and 90 seconds long. The 20% rule also applies here, as Facebook recommends that 20% or less of the video is covered text. Since the videos automatically begin to play, it is important to note that all videos are silent unless a user enables the sound. Cover videos also play on a loop, so a good transition from the end to beginning is essential.

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