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Celebrating Perspectives: Molly Sperlich

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Robert Sharp & Associates is pleased to introduce you to the inaugural installment of our “New Blood” series. Here, we’ll emphasize the varied talents of select RSA team members, the fresh perspectives they continually bring to our team – and the reasons why such thought and engagement has led to the greater success of our business and allowed us to become the top Rapid City marketing agency.  Without further ado, welcome to our New Blood series!

Meet Molly Sperlich

With a background in journalism, Molly learned the essential skills needed to communicate with others while masterfully telling stories that make readers and listeners feel something. Bringing these skills to the office, as well as a fervor for customer service, organization, and time management, Molly has helped RSA’s web department ascend to new levels of perfection. Be it her level of professionalism, curiosity to learn, or passion to challenge the norm, Molly has helped our team and our clients find new ways to solve problems, refine our processes, and produce greater products than ever before. At 23 years old, we often wonder how this powerhouse does it with such grace – but we’ll let her boss Tony Dodd speak on her behalf:

“I have never in my career had someone catch on or have the ability to implement with precision what they have learned from us in such a small amount of time. Molly feeds off of her teammates’ knowledge and skills and picks up those skills as she goes. Molly can handle just about anything that comes her way, and I have the proof in just about every project we assign her. Because she is young, some might say she wouldn't have the experience needed to do what she does. But sit with her in a room of teammates and clients, and you won't be disappointed. She has her research and strategies in hand and can deliver a presentation that is compelling and backed by proven methods that the RSA team has implemented with great success in the past. I would say with her will and excitement for what she does each and every day we will continue to see our clients and the teams she works with accomplish all of their goals.” – Tony Dodd on Molly Sperlich

In Conversation with Molly Sperlich

What organizational strengths of yours do you believe best suit your work here at RSA?

“As simple as it sounds, calendars are my saving grace! I have a weekly calendar that outlines any meetings I may have. I have a monthly calendar for major deadlines and social content and I also have my daily to-do list. Also taking really good notes. No matter how good you think your memory is, you should always be writing everything down.”

When people ask you to describe the workplace culture at RSA, what do you say?

“One of my favorite things about the workplace culture at RSA is that we each have our own areas of expertise, but we still have the opportunity to try many different things.  We have a very collaborative workplace. I don’t think there is a single project that passes through our door that was completed solely by one person. I think that collaborative environment not only helps each of us grow as professionals, but helps us deliver unique creative that stands out.”

Standing out as a skilled business professional is oftentimes seen as “difficult” for younger people. How have you overcome this “difficulty” and risen to the occasion in your work?

“I think when I first started at RSA I was nervous to voice my thoughts or concerns to my coworkers. I didn’t want to come across like a know-it-all to people who had many more years of experience than I do. As I have grown more confident in my role, I understand that we all have different ideas and perspectives that may aid someone on our team. Someone sharing with you ways that you can be better or more efficient shouldn’t be seen as an insult, but rather a way you can continue to grow. I think another way I make sure I am seen as a professional is ensuring I come to every client meeting with background about the client and any questions I may have. This shows our clients that I am not only prepared, but also have a deep understanding of their business needs.”

Why do you believe fresh perspectives are imperative to organizational growth?

“Fresh perspectives are imperative to organizational growth because every person at one point in their life has felt stuck in a rut. When you have been doing the same thing over and over it can often be easy to sink into repetitive habits or ideas. Bringing in a fresh perspective from time to time is a great way to get new ideas flowing and look at something from a different light. Every single person in our office brings something great to the table, but bringing in new people is a great way to disrupt the status quo and change the way you see things.”

When was the last time you felt personally and professionally fulfilled in your career at RSA?

“At last Tuesday’s staff meeting. Each staff meeting we hand out what we call “Atta-boys” or “Atta-girls”. These are opportunities for our team to give kudos to someone who went above and beyond or did an amazing job on something. It is really great to see that the work you do is being appreciated and recognized by the people you work with.”

To learn more about Molly, visit our Meet The Team page, and stay tuned for the next installment of our New Blood series featuring RSA Account Executive Tracey Kennedy.

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