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5 Effective Website Design Concepts to Help You Convert in 2021

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Effective Web Design Concepts to Help You Convert in 2021

In the constantly changing landscape of web design, one thing you can count on is concepts continuously evolving to improve the user experience. If you’re planning to build a new website or redesign your current one in 2021, you’re going to need to utilize the latest proven-effective methods in your design to cut through the noise. Check out these 5 effective website design concepts to stimulate your creativity in 2021 so you can capture, convince, and convert your audience.

Clarity of Purpose
Western Dakota Tech Website Design

It is critical that your site’s design elements immediately capture attention while conveying important information. This example from Western Dakota Tech features large, legible text on a clean and aesthetically pleasing color scheme with high quality photography. Current and future students alike are able to quickly obtain the most relevant information.

Immersive Experience

Depending on your business, your website may need more than nice images to convey everything you have to offer. In this instance, a looping video is exactly what you need to give your visitors a taste of what they can expect in your brick-and-mortar location. This immersive example from Wall Drug overlaid with typewriter-effect animation illustrates the breadth of this legendary attraction and draws the viewer into the experience.

Effective Visual Hierarchy
South Dakota State Fair Website Visual Design Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy refers to how easily a user can scan your website to identify the most important elements on your page without having to read every word. The South Dakota State Fair design puts the dates and countdown to their next event in the first place a user typically looks, the top left corner, and then follows a Z-pattern over to the logo, and down from there to the nav bar. This layout allows the user to quickly scan for and identify the most relevant elements so they can have a better experience.

Bold, Striking Visuals
Reptile Gardens Website Design

If your business is a world-class wild animal park, then it should come as no surprise that an effective design scheme could be centered on eye-popping visuals and vivid colors. The botanical background, boldly contrasting colors punctuated with pro photography of the plethora flora and fauna found at Reptile Gardens gives users an engaging jolt of excitement of what’s to come once they go visit this legendary attraction.

Concise Navigation
Knecht's Home Center Website Navigation Design

If your business offers an extensive number of products and services, creating an organized navigation system will allow users to find what they need amidst a vast sea of available information. This example from Knecht Home Center shows how to perfectly organize a vast number of pages into a logical system that’ll be easy for any visitor to navigate.

Implementing these concepts into your next web design project will help ensure that, no matter your industry, when your site receives traffic, it’s optimized to retain that traffic and drive more conversions.

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