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5 Benefits of an Internship at RSA

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Robert Sharp and Associates Rapid City Marketing Internships

Attention: Great opportunity for those interested in graphic design, video production, digital marketing or business development and administration!

RSA is currently on the search for interns to work in our graphic design, video production, digital marketing and business development departments! We understand that taking the right internship is crucial, not only in kick-starting your career, but also in gaining the skills necessary for a successful professional life. We’re here to help the decision making process go a little smoother by laying out the reasons why an internship here at Robert Sharp and Associates (RSA) will prepare you for the ever-changing, diverse world of advertising and marketing, while providing you with a fun, enriching experience along the way.

Get real, hands-on experience

The work of our graphic designers, video producers and digital marketers can be seen pretty much everywhere you go, but do you know exactly what goes into the eye-catching content that they create? During your internship, you’ll be working behind the scenes to find out! From sitting in on client meetings to discuss the scope of a project to presenting the final product, you’ll be right there, strategizing and collaborating with our team to come up with the perfect solution for our clients.

Forget about an internship where you spend most of your time keeping the office coffeepot full and fetching copies; at RSA, you’ll be assigned tasks that directly correlate with your field of study.

Learn from the best

By interning at RSA, you’ll be able to observe a team of marketing and advertising professionals who have churned out award-winning campaigns for over 30 years. Observe as our graphic designers create stunning visuals that will grace everything from business cards to billboards. Join in on a commercial shoot and see exactly what goes into a day of video production. Spend time with the digital marketing team and learn how to strategize multi-faceted digital campaigns that include social media marketing, search engine optimization and high-quality content creation. Our fast-paced agency provides the perfect environment to master your skills!

Gain experience in a wide range of industries

Variety is the spice of life here at RSA, as we have developed successful strategies for companies in virtually every industry. During your internship, you’ll have the opportunity to work on accounts for many different clients, giving you priceless insight into the many unique obstacles each industry faces.

Work in a creative environment

Upon walking through the doors of RSA, you may notice that this isn’t your typical office; the building’s funky layout and eccentric interior often elicit remarks about the uniqueness of our space. Our unconventional office lends the perfect atmosphere in which to be creative, and we take full advantage of that. “Joining of the minds” meetings happen quite frequently, where everyone is invited to share their ideas for the betterment of RSA and our clients.

Get cool perks

During your internship, you’ll be able to join in on all the fun stuff that makes working at RSA great! Participate in office events where you can kick back and socialize with our crew, don jeans and partake in our casual Fridays and refresh with our constant stock of free coffee and soda. And you’ll never know what success we’ll be celebrating next, so always be ready to party!

We’ve had many students throughout the years enhance their knowledge and skills to prepare for the real world of marketing and advertising by interning at RSA, and some have even gone on to build their career here as well. Contact us today to learn more about advertising and marketing internships at RSA!

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