Audio Production


Fuddruckers rolled out a new radio ad to celebrate their 15th Anniversary and get the word out about specials being offered to commemorate the event. A simple spot that conveys their message and uses the owner's unique voice resonates with listeners and develops recognition and excitement about Fuddruckers 15th Anniversary.

“Radio Commercial”

B&B Auto Salvage

B&B Auto Salvage contacted Robert Sharp & Associates to help them gain top of mind awareness among car owners, branding them as the authority of choice when it came to needing auto parts. We created a catchy jingle and tune appealing to their niche market, and used rhymes since they are easier for people to remember.


Central States Fair

This high energy spot uses an upbeat voiceover delivery and musical pieces from artists and performers who are a part of the grandstand entertainment of “Summer’s Last Blast” at the Central States Fair. It showcases a great use of music to envelope the listener in a: 30 second journey of fun and good times.


Black Hills Beauty College

Designed to coordinate with the energy and feel of their “BHBC June 2008” TV campaign, this radio spot focuses on the positive outcome of training with Black Hills Beauty College. It’s a real “feel good” spot with a great call to action.

“Stop Searching”

ND Department of Transportation

Robert Sharp and Associates designed this campaign to highlight the excitement of your new Harley and the grounded reality of being busted for a DUI. This campaign targets all drivers in an effort to educate them that buzzed driving is drunk driving. The use of sound effects adds to the “reality” feel of the spot.


South Dakota Lottery

After studying the research regarding why people play the Lottery, Robert Sharp & Associates decided to target the “dreams” that people envision achieving with their Lottery winnings. Playing off the Mama’s & Papa’s “Dream a Little Dream of Me” the “Dreams” jingle was created for the South Dakota Lottery’s launch of the new and improved Powerball and Power Play game.


South Dakota Lottery

This ad uses “magical” music and voice accents to create the wistful feeling of playing scratch tickets from the South Dakota Lottery. It matches the delivery and style of the “Fun to Give, Fun to Get” TV campaign. This is a campaign sure to stay with the listeners well after the spot is over.

“Fun to Give, Fun to Get”

South Dakota Lottery

Strong in the use of sound effects to establish the pheasant hunting scene, this campaign hits its target in attracting the outdoorsman and outdoorswoman in supporting the “Pheasants Forever” game from the South Dakota Lottery.

“Pheasants Forever”

South Dakota State Fair

Robert Sharp & Associates created the “Still the One” jingle campaign for the South Dakota State Fair when the firm chose to market the fair as “still being the one fair you don’t want to miss.” This jingle package came together playing off the Orleans hits single “Still the One.” This well received jingle and campaign was designed to have a long shelf life and has served the South Dakota State Fair for three years running.

“Still The One”

Big D

For this radio spot, our main focus was on improving brand visibility for Rapid City's premier car wash. They asked us to put together the strategy and asked how we were going to implement it in the surrounding market. We determined the demographic, received a budget and put together a heavy placement schedule. RSA scripted and produced both spots in-house with our experienced team of production editors.

“Car Wash”

Western Dakota Tech

In this campaign for Western Dakota Tech, Robert Sharp and Associates brought in graduates from some of the most popular programs from WDT for personal testimonials. Working with the nonprofessional voices of these students created a reputable campaign for this post secondary institution.

“Stephanie Boykin”

Whiting Hagg Hagg Dorsey and Hagg

Robert Sharp and Associates developed this radio spot to be a part of the Whiting Hagg Hagg Dorsey and Hagg services campaign. The “phone” conversation is designed to not only simulate an actual phone call, but to deliver pertinent information and establish John Dorsey as a knowledgeable and trusted attorney.

“Wife Workman’s Comp”

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