Audio Production

Novak Sanitary Service

When searching for new employees for your company, recruitment radio spots are the way to go. With a powerful voiceover, this straightforward mechanic recruitment radio spot for Novak Sanitary will get the audiences attention!

“Mechanic Recruitment”

South Dakota Lottery

Jackpot alerts help get the public’s attention by letting them know when the possibility of winning millions can become a reality! With the use of sound effects and an energetic voiceover to enhance certain aspects in the spot, it heightens the audience’s attention and will get them to listen!

“Powerball Jackpot Alert”

South Dakota Lottery

In this spot, it advertises new and exciting video lottery games. Having a dialogue between voice talents amps up the quality the spot and gives a more relatable feel.

“More Options”

South Dakota State Fair

With this upbeat radio spot featuring music tracks from performing artists for an upcoming fair, it gives the audience a mini concert of their own, and will make them want to go to your event!


Western Dakota Tech

This spot for Western Dakota Tech features the health care programs they offer. With the use of a dramatic opening with several voices and sound effects, it really gets the audience’s attention!

“Health Care”

Green Tree

Not only do we advertise your business, but we also can help make it grow! Employee testimonial radio spots are a great way to advertise for current career placements in your company.

“Employee Testimonial 1”

Green Tree

This is one of our favorite employee testimonial spots for Green Tree. With the use of actual employees in both the TV and radio campaigns, it brings an authentic personal feel to the audience.

“Employee Testimonial 2”

Central States Fair

Central States Fair radio spot featuring the big country performers! This spot will get you pumped with the variety of music samples and an upbeat voiceover.

“Big Country”

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