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Website optimization – it’s not just for geeks

Tweet To a web developer, website optimization* is a worthy goal all by itself. There’s a certain pride in managing to create a site with the fewest lines of code possible, only the most essential element ids and classes, a robust CSS file and nary an unnecessary <img> tag to be found. But this isn’t … Read More

Inside RSA Web Production

Tweet The RSA web development team has been hard at work creating highly optimized, effective websites. We have many exciting sites we’re currently working on: City of Huron Scotchman Metal Fabricating Solutions Dawes County Tourism Kelly’s Frozen Yogurt CD Hopkins Financial Bridges to Buttes By-Way Murphy’s Pub and Grill Knecht Home Center and Mead Lumber … Read More

Why Create A Mobile Website?

Tweet Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular, and the mobile web is an alluring place for web surfers, offering all kinds of communications capabilities on the go. Yet it’s still a very new arena for many people, especially here in South Dakota. The capabilities of mobile phones and devices now make mobile a … Read More

Does this logo make me look fat?

Tweet As Amanda mentioned in her recent post on designing professional logos, designers tend to approach their work in a different way than many people think. Our decisions aren’t arbitrary – it’s not like ordering food, where you just pick whatever you happen to like at the time. There needs to be purpose. Many of … Read More

Search Engine Marketing Voodoo

Tweet There’s still a lot of confusion out there about what a search engine marketing firm does – and doesn’t do – and I think this confusion is holding businesses back or causing people to waste a lot of money on false expectations. Put simply, search engine marketing (SEM) is just what it says it … Read More

Cheap Web Design, Step Right Up!

Tweet Using the internet is now mainstream; a way of life for the great many people who buy products and services online. In light of this, you might think more businesses would have a better online presence. So why don’t they? Low budget = cheap website? In my experience the top reason is budget. Businesses, … Read More

Is The Look Of A Website Most Important?

Tweet Who cares how a website looks if it doesn’t work? Well, the owner of the site, usually. Many of the websites I’ve built over the years have been for clients who care very much how their websites look, and often make decisions to enhance that aesthetic quality at the expense of usability (the ease … Read More

Meet Our Worst Client

Tweet We’re entering 2010 with a new website, but also a fresh perspective and a new appreciation for the position our clients are in when embarking upon web development projects. As an agency that offers web development as a core service, we’ve been painfully conscious of the need to update our website for a few … Read More

Stuff You Liked From 2009

Tweet Whenever I sit down to go through ideas for blog posts, I inevitably think of a few that sound great, only to realize hey, we already wrote that one. A lot of the things we wrote about last year are still relevant even now – maybe more so. Looking back through our logs, it’s … Read More

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