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Hands-on Social Media

Tweet The RSA Interactive team recently presented, “Hands on Social Media” during the South Dakota Telecommunications Association’s (SDTA) annual meeting in Deadwood, SD. Our focus was to demonstrate the use of various social tools and spaces – Google Reader, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and iGoogle – as well as show our audience how to integrate these … Read More

A Building Year

Tweet Time to take a step back. Time to take a good look at what we’re doing here at RSA. The economy is down – way down, and people are cutting advertising and marketing budgets, big time. Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be a “building year,” right? Maybe not. The problem is, we’re … Read More

Understanding Social Media Marketing

Tweet Previously I wrote about understanding social media, and explained how it is equalizing global communication and interaction, with specific consequences for business. I want to expand on this idea a bit and talk specifically about ‘marketing‘ on the social web. Social web? Yeah, that’s my term du jour. I’ve been slap-fighting a little bit … Read More

A time for everything, even social media campaigns

Tweet Photo credit to spodzone Social media campaigns should have a start and finish. BUT campaigns are only a piece of the social media marketing puzzle. For several months, I’ve had an issue with people using the term “campaign” when talking about social media marketing. This bothers me because, overall, social media marketing needs to … Read More

Video Helps Volunteers of America

Tweet It’s often said that if a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million, as it has to power to  relate emotional value that is unprecedented. Recently, our video team had the opportunity to work with the Volunteers of America-Dakota to create a video that tells the ‘day in the life’ … Read More

Newspapers vs. Social Media – It doesn’t have to be one or the other

Tweet As former newspaper reporter, it breaks my heart to hear about a publication, especially one with as much history as the Rocky Mountain News, closing its doors. The longtime daily published its last paper last month, just shy of its 150th birthday. For centuries, newspapers brought local, regional and national happenings to the doorsteps … Read More

How Social Media is Re-Democratizing Democracy

Tweet Social media introduces a new paradigm of increased grassroots involvement in politics.  Everyday people are finding their voice and influencing the conversation in Washington D.C.

Is advertising really dead?

Tweet Say it ain’t so! Is advertising really dead? No. It is not so. *sighs of relief* The advertising world is changing, though – and rightly so. Advertising is not dead; it just needs to be less of a one-sided conversation and become a more social dialogue with the consumer. (Sorry Kyle, I’ve got to … Read More

12 reasons to start social media NOW and not later

Tweet Illustration by Matt Hamm So, the word is out. Social media is happening. More businesses and individuals are getting involved everyday. It’s real. It’s now. And, just like all potential marketing mediums, it’s about to get really competitive. With the exception of the last few years, NOW is the best time to hop on … Read More

Understanding “Social Media”

Tweet To hear top internet marketing magnates tell it, 2009 will see social media become sentient, unify and morph into a god-like being that will dominate the entire universe! Alright, no one says that. But there *is* a lot of buzz right now, and a lot of it contains predictions of the impending explosion of … Read More

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